Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's All This?!

Some time ago, a blogger friend of mine provided a link on her site to the crisis in Darfur. Thus began an online conversation about our responsibility as being in the priveleged minority on this planet. God gave me a passion to create bags and send the proceeds to provide food and shelter aid to the peoples of Darfur, Sudan. This project seems to be exploding. It is impossible to stockpile bags, as they sell very quickly and get constructed in the "spare time" of my life as full-time family daycare operater, mother of four children, and keeper of the grounds.

It has been an unbelievably fulfilling ride to combine several passions in this project. Listening to the small, still, easily ignored voice of God. Combining a passion (compulsion) for thrifting with a passion to create with needle and thread. Using reclaimed fabrics rich with imagined history and sending them back out into the world to begin anew.

Now skirts, jeans, curtains, quilts, tea towels, kitchen aprons, flour sacks, couches, belts, neckties, bedspreads, and table cloths are being casually slung over shoulders from across the prairies, over the mountains, and over oceans. The joy and connectedness spreads right around the world.

From off my shoulder and through my heart, welcome to the Darfur project.


jb said...

i just wanted to say how incredibly inspiring you are!
i love the bag i just got... i was thinking about all this and getting emotional (could be pregnancy hormones maybe) and feeling like i needed to say a big thank you! you are inspiring, and hears to hoping your sewing machine comes back to life. :)

Jen C said...

What about just posting pictures of the cut-out fabric. I'm going crazy with anticipation here. Do you use a purchased pattern or did you just make it up yourself? My brother and sister-in-law are raising money to adopt and I'm thinking about employing your fund raising tactic.

joyce said...

awww, you gals are sweet. I have borrowed my friend's machine, and although its no bernina, I've managed to put some work together. Stay tuned, there should be some bags turning up here soon.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, I'm so proud of you and what you're doing. It looks good on you, and my new bag will look really good on me!! Free Press?!???!!@$%&! "Deeee-kcat oba" Kathy

bonnie said...

I'm loving this idea of yours, and all the bags I've seen on this site! Just curious though, which organization do you donate your money through? I need to show my husband that it's actually a good investment for me to buy another purse!

joyce said...

hi Bonnie- the proceeds are sent to the United Nations World Food Program, and I specify the funds for Darfur aid.

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to your bags and your blog througha mutual friend Alice. Way to go girl! What an awesome idea and a great cause...I cannot wait to be the proud owner of one of your bags some day soon!

joyce said...

Alice is a doll. I hope you get a bag soon, and WELCOME!

Anonymous said...

had a problem bidding today, got as high as $55 and then the notices stopped coming to my email address,congratulations towhoever won Cedar, I 'll just have to try again another day. P.S I won "the Boler" and cannot wait to get it from Alice!

Ginger said...

Hello Joyce,
I saw you on B-TV this morning. Thank you for doing this. I agree with you whole-heartedly that we are so privileged here in the West no matter our circumstances (certainly exceptions exist). I plan to pass on your Blog info to everyone I know and support you in this cause.
Ginger (Wpg)
"We cannot do great things on this Earth - We can only do small things with Great Love" - Mother T

gophercheeks said...

Oh Ginger, Mother Theresa is missed dearly I'm sure of it. She was wise and gracious.
Joyce, I'm not sure if she is an inspiration to you but the passion and drive that you have working on this project is incredibly inspiring to me.
I 'stumbled' onto your site a few months ago and frequently check out the bags and any posts that you may have added. Just know that you are doing great things and we are all thankful to you for sharing your gifts. God bless you and your family during this Advent celebration.