Monday, June 23, 2008

"The Boler"

My friend Lory has an old camper that is round and little, and is referred to as a boler. When our kids were little and tied to our ankles like burrs, we used to gaze across our yards to the parking spot where her boler was parked and we would plan to get into that boler one night with amaretto and a pack of cards. I don't like cards, but I love Lory, and amaretto, and the concept of hanging out in a boler.
I think I'll retire in a boler. Or maybe I'll purchase one at a yard sale, paint bright daisies on it, put it in the back yard and turn it into a hangout.
For me. And my bernina.It will have curtains and throw cushions in outrageous colours and patterns. The prairie winds will blow through it and wave those curtains about recklessly.

But in the meantime... we've got this boler. The psychodelic green and yellow is rescued from a camper, I imagine. It was purchased at a yard sale. One of those really bad yard sales where everything smells like dumaurier and has boxes and boxes of really rotten movies and romance novels. (I washed it, silly.) The greens and yellows got paired up with a grand old hand stitched quilt, and some bright, happy green from Brian's sister; who incidentally loves to camp with her crew. This bag has a bonus pocket under the flap, as well as the side panel pocket, and two inside pockets. Summer blew into our town just this past Monday. We've had seven days of summer now, after a painfully cold winter, and equally painfully slow spring. A hard-earned 27 degrees calls for some uninhibited celebration in splashy tones. This bag just screams beach.
For $25.00, we can start the games. At six oclock, central standard time, the bag will go to the highest donater. Remember, that in North America, we have the privelege of dreaming of camping. There are people who wish for a tarp to keep them dryer in the rain, and who never quite get used to the feeling of starving to death. As much as I would love to drive down the trans-Canada and throw bags out the window with great abandon, this project is about the people of Darfur.
And I for one, am blown away by your goodness.
Welcome to Monday. Meet me in the boler; we can start out with coffee if you like.


LN said...

I'm here bright and early. It's my birthday to me and I can't think of a better birthday gift than a second lovely bag. I bought 'couch' a few weeks bag and love it! And now I seem to be getting addicted to reading the action and want in.
I'll start off with a bid of $40.
Happy Birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

I hope I get my first of many bags ,new to the auction thing,don't know if my last post made it...
I bid $50!


Anonymous said...

Gotta have the Bowler bag, just new to the cause via a good kind let a newbee win for Darfur!
Now $60


Penny said...

I can only dream about being a proud owner of 'The Boler' ... realizing all the LOVE put into every stitch ... the DETERMINATION for your Darfur Project ... Thank You So Much For Caring ... $70.00 Penny :-)

Anonymous said...

I increase my bid ,I so want to do something to help Darfur no matter how big or small the contribution, I count ourselves lucky how we live here in Canada.

Now $100

joyce said...

Thank you Carla.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure Joyce....keep on doing what you are doing it is wonderful!! I will check in from time to time and maybe add a couple more pieces to my collection and more money to the plight of Darfur.