Saturday, June 14, 2008

Citrus Fruits

I found this true vintage blue and orange piece at the local thrift shop. I nearly dropped my drawers.

It goes perfectly with a teale chenille bedspread that I've hoarding for some time.

I love the details on this piece of fabric. It is so feminine and old looking.

I saved some fringe from the edges of the bedspread for the cell phone pocket.

Think of it as a fruit salad garnish.
Inside we've got a pale yellow and white plaid table cloth, a bright pink and orange table cloth, and the floral bits for pockets.

$25.00 starts her off. Leave a comment with a name and number, or send an e-mail if comments don't work. (if you don't have a blogger account, you can comment as "annonymous" and then just write out your name.)

Manitoba time. Central standard time. Spring time... Summer time.... Time to get a bag and support the hungry in Darfur.

Bids end at 6:00 pm.


Cherry Blossom said...

I will start with $25.00

christine said...

I'll raise you one for $26!

Anonymous said...

Is there a zipper pocket in this one?


Alicia said...

$30, I'm a sucker for blue and orange!

mmichele said...


Anonymous said...

$45 is my offer now.


Anonymous said...

I'll bid $50

Jennifer C.

joyce said...

Jennifer C-
You are the owner of a blue and orange bag! Citrus Fruits!

Anonymous said...

yay! my e-mail is and we can arrange payment and pickup.
Jennifer C.