Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Newbie Tuesday presents: "Sing it to the Choir"

Newbie Tuesday:
Welcome one and all; today's bidding is open to anyone bagless. Not bagels. Bag Less; without a bag; lacking in bagliness. Are you hiding in the shadows? Lurking in the underbrush? Come on out then. You shall be heard.

Got lots of stuff? There's plenty of pockets here. Each side has the pockets off pants, plus the large pocket that forms between the lining and the pant front.

Great colour combos here. Goes with anything.
Any interested newbies? And oldies, feel free to colour the place with your grafitti. Then go put some stuff into your bag, and give something away to someone who needs it more than you. Or give it to someone who doesn't need it more than you, but would love to receive.
Smile at a snotty kid today.
Make eye contact with a surly teenager.
Phone your mother.
Be kinder than necessary.


Kelli said...

I'll start at 25.00!

shar said...

I will see that and raise it to 35


shar said...

i know... i got one yesterday.. but this bid is for someone even more computer illiterate than myself....

Anonymous said...

Hi I am bag-less I have been trying since June!!!!Great bags, they are all beautiful...I say $40.00....Cindy

Anonymous said...

I love when you use pant pockets on the inside of the bags! Great idea with "newbie" bidding!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You will hear the choir singing from this side of the Pacific if I am successful ;-) $45 from Oz - Roni

Anonymous said...

I gave my first two bags as gifts and only kept Crysanthemum for myself...still not considered a newbie I guess...see you ladies tomorrow and good luck!

CarlaG :)

Louise said...

I think what you are doing is "Wonderful"! The Lord gave you and gift and in return you are helping his sheppards. I would like to put a bid of $100.00.



Anonymous said...

Wow Joyce!
Donation total is fantastic!
I hope to add to that total, gotta win at least one more bag...love the whole even numbers thing. (As you know I currently have won three:Contour Plowing,The Boler, and Chubby Crysanthemum, my personal favorite). Love the use of old Pillow case ends with the floral embroidery on them as the interior pockets!
Look forward to bidding tomorrow!

CarlaG :)

Great work Joyce!

joyce said...

hey, Louise- you've got yourself a bag! Please e-mail me at re-joyce@mts.net so we can work out contact info.