Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heads up, Me Dawlings

Thursday there will be no bag.
It's really true.
I've got running mental lists about my mental lists.
And I'm feeling a wee bit crazed.

Perhaps I'll have a moment to write a post or two that's circulating relentlessly within the wilderness that is my brain?


Melanie said...

Hilarious - since we talked about this this morning. Really I should have stayed for coffee since I made it 5 minutes into work before I started bawling like the crazy hormonal prego that I am. Not to self, don't do crazy stressful home renos when you are pregnant and otherwised stressed anyways.

Melanie said...

Opps, it's supposed to say NOTE to self...

Anonymous said...

yikes i hope you are okay Joyce
i was thrilled to see boler b got the bag
take care of you


Anonymous said...

If anyone is looking for Friday's bag - it's on Joyce's other blogspot. L.