Friday, October 3, 2008

Joy To Behold

These days, this is pretty much what my creative mecca of a pseudo sewing room is looking like. Not that its a bad thing. But I just wanted to post some pics to show the birthing room of today's bag. That was born in great adversity: tired me, overflowing house, insolent children. Not that I'm complaining, no siree, not me.

Well, after yesterday's bag banter; I figured a should throw a couple of ladies a bone. There was some heated discussion on whether orange and red are a match or an embarrassing disgrace to the family tree. When my eye fell on these squares this morning; I decided to graciously call a truce and let the old birds have it their way.
They are elderly, and fragile.
I'm not.

Those hippy gals with their composting toilets and blue denim jumper family uniforms sure do know how to throw some awesome fabric my way. Patti and Rosa unloaded the mother load of awesomeness into my neat-as-a-pin sewing room some weeks back. I used that amazing orange for the body, remembering when Rose's little guy was a wee boy and had pants that colour. And a jacket, if memory serves me correctly.
Actually, this bag makes me think about a whole bunch of people and places. Orange from Patti; red from a woman I never actually got to meet- she passed along two boxes of fabric that she rescued from a friend's yard sale and donated to the project. Thoughtful. The leafy underside is from church Kathy's mother. Really. Another woman I've not yet met. The strap is from the Niv thrift, its a Japanese piece.
On the inside, we've got a sweet lady from the Morris thrift who donates upholstery pieces my way; plus some print from Marge- Roo's mama. She's a doll. Tiny, cute, adorable, and kind. And she makes great kids.
And that brings us to Friday.
Same ol', same ol'.
Leave me a crumb, or a name, and a number, or a comment. Or all that stuff.
And sisters? I'll still totally take all those margueritas and glasses and pitchers that you tempted me with yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Joyce! Quit making me drool! I love the colors on this one - I actually have an orange and red dress that this would coordinate perfectly with! $45


joyce said...

sorry, can't stop. I've got my own addictions to feed....fabric, needles, creation, conversation..... That\s just a sampling.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...finally some orange and me being a fall girl and all. I have waited ever since Brandy scooped her bag this summer for something in this color, so I will start my bidding at $60.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, You are the most creative, amazing woman.....
Wonderful bags all week, especially those inner pockets!!!!
and the very descriptive blogs...
Have a great weekend,

joyce said...

Vicki- fresh Alberta blood for the bag blog? Yay!

Thanks , Loretta. I think of you often. your teeny, tiny waist, and your awesome taste in clothes, plus your hoarding and sharing skills. Some day, I'll meet you for real. Until then, I so appreciate the encouragement.

And the polyester pants.

PamJ said...

lets make er $61.
orange and red, together and working so well :)
Glad you were able to get into high gear this morning!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so here I thot this one was for me, being orange and red, with the little "grade one" label. But, alas, money dictates -- instead I'll spend my money on a hot holiday. ...such a sacrifice. Schwester Mary
PS Joyce, I'm going to miss you and yours this weekend!!!!! Love you (Oh yes, Laura, in case I hurt your feeling, wish you could come too!!!)

Anonymous said...

Laura, you may have more than one "feeling", so let's add an "s" to that. Schwester Mary

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...the thin marital bliss and budget branch can barely hold me...$75.


Roo said...

mini margie!

Anonymous said...

I'm still sulking over yesterday's bag. It would have looked so good on my shoulder on my next fun trip. Oh well, guess I'll just have to spend that money on quilting stuff.

Mary, thanks for your concern over my feelilng(s). Would love to join you on this hot holiday, but will be off on a mini one with some crazy quilters myself.

Red and orange. Love it.


Anonymous said...

Laura, I'm a little jealous. I love getting away on workshop retreats. Have fun quilting!


joyce said...

....just a note to say that I am going to spend some quality time with my offspring at the movie theatre... getting to know each other a little better....

so if I'm not here at the stroke of eight, don't have a bird. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

The money could very well be spent on scrap paper but the orange is just SO me $62.

Anonymous said...

I see I should or read ALL the blog (sorry)$76

Anonymous said...

willing to go 4 $78.00

joyce said...

You got a bag for $78!