Monday, December 22, 2008


... as in "Christmas eve".
I've sat through three Christmas pagaents now, and one drama. I've seen a lot of wiggley, twirling little girls in their finery. So, when I went to my local thrifty store on the weekend, and found a bag of velvet remnants, and a strip of taffeta..... Well, what would You do?
My girls are too tall now for remnant inspired Christmas finery, so I used the inspiration and turned it into a taffeta and velvet handbag. I can't exactly sling my daughters over my shoulder anymore, but this bag is pretty darned versatile that way.

Sure, its a little different than some of the pillowcase and tablerunner inspired stuff... But variety is the spice of life. Besides, its Christmas, and that doesn't come around all that often.

The base of the bag is brown velvet; as is the strip along the top. The handles are dreamy to your hands- green velvetty goodness. The taffeta shows different hues depending on the light and the angle. Then there's a gorgeous bit of bling along the top, just to kick it up another notch.

All that handbag-y goodness could be yours for a mere $45.00.
Is anybody still out shopping at this hour? I'm not sure. So, I thought I'd extend the bidding on this bag to an unusual time- tomorrow, December 23, at 12:00 noon.
Am I getting annoying yet with changing end times?
Well, maybe next year I'll get everything together.
Leave your bid or comment here.


Crystal said...

woohoo she's a beaut!


Melanie said...

Super cute. I see Crystal is trying out my last Monday's tactic!! Go Crys Go!

gloria said...

wow! this would be HOT with an evening gown....

maybe Crys will let me borrow it

Anonymous said...

ok ... sooo beautiful if im not to late im in for 50

(of summer pickins purchasing:)

tanya said...

Very classy!

Anonymous said...

WOW what a surprise when I was lurking here this morning. I thought you were taking a well earned rest , but lo and behold there is a gorgeous bag up for grab.
You amaze me Joyce,

Anonymous said...

Too pretty... must wipe up drool again...$55


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! It looks like i snuck in got it! I'll email!