Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yes, time off is good. Time enough to finish mending a grandma mitten that got put on my mending pile two winters ago.
Time to look up and look around instead of merely running from urgency to urgency.
How good it was to ignore the clock beside my bed; to leave the blogs dorment for a bit; to eat too much refined sugars and red wine.

Still, I have felt it creeping in. Little flushes of inspiration. The rediscovery of one of the first bags I made some ten or twelve years ago- a little backpack for my Jane made of a quilt so ratty and repurposed that the mending done overtop has very nearly created another entire backpack above what used to be there.
Rickrack flowers fashioned after having the time to flip through a magazine. Clay buttons in my stocking from my janejane.

A trip to the thrift store for some great movie-maker fashions for my camera savvy firstborn brought me to this awful church top. The clasps have already come off and in my mind's eye will go swimmingly with some velvet someday in 2009.

Watching Micah pour all his energies into elaborately decorating a cupcake, then lining it up for a photo shoot.

So, my mittens are mended. Four closets have been purged. (not entirely, but enough to take away my feelings of panic that I have no idea what we have or where it is.) My bernina is rested. My ironing board has been replaced; I've been geared up with two new pairs of shears, new needles, and lots of thread.

I'm thinking that Tuesday, January 6 is going to be a great day to get this Darfur Project Train out of the station once again. (It's well beyond the planning stage.... picture vintage dots, some sepia velvet....... *sigh*.....its good to be back.)


Kelli Moore said...

I can't wait!

gloria said...

welcome back from the abyss. oh how i am going to miss it

shaunak said...

Happy New Year!
I'll see you on Tuesday!

gloria said...

where's the bag? :p

gloria said...

guess its not tuesday yet.... doh!