Thursday, January 29, 2009


We've seen something like this before. It gives me such pleasure to work with these fabrics, a sweet donation from a Winnipeg reader. How come some people are just so darned thoughtful?! Most days they make up for those other people who annoy me. But I digress.

I topped it off with two awesomely vintage neckties. Can we bring back these outrageous neckties please??

The body is constructed out of what must have been a pretty raunchy bedspread back in the day. Can you imagine feeling soothed and rested sleeping under a bright gold, fuzzy piece of crazyness? Those seventy's types must have been a real riot to hang with. If you could put up with all those bright colours without seizuring...
Strawberry fields forever? Well, at least on the inside. You can tuck your rubbage or your bags of money in behind a strawberry pocket. The other pocket doubles, as I used a shirt pocket as the front. Use it for your passport or something important, like breath mints.

Whatever you do, for crying out loud, bid on this bag. Or leave me a comment. What else do I have to look forward in this frozen land with a houseful of poopers crawling around?
particulars: measurements: waist 11", hips 11". Impossible ideals, I tell you.
Price range: $45.00 to $50,000 and not a penny over.
This is the last bag this week. Next week is February, and to give myself something to do, I will start posting four bags per week. I'll start on Monday.
Hey! You! Get back to work. I see you there in your cubicle, stealing a glance at the bag of the day. But before you go back to your spreadsheets, throw me a bone.


Melanie said...

Oh - so fun! Love it!

Jennifer P said...

$45. Who cares about beige. And how did you know that I'm trapped in a cubicle?

Anonymous said...

Bag is great! Like the new slenderized model, very timely as I have a thinner wallet these days. Would be nice to see "old fashioned" straps next week on a few of your svelt beauties!
P.S.- REALLY HOT COFFEE, medium roast a personal fav, chases away winter chills & blahs, especially if you indulge in a drop of cream.

joyce said...

are you dissin' my ties??!!

REALLY hot coffee.
REALLY HOT coffee.

Okay, so just for clarification. you want straps that are neckties, but just the straps made from fabric that I often do? cuz i'm a big time pleaser, and I aim to please.

tell me, tell me, tell me... Please??

(does she have cabin fever? yes, she does.)

Ariel Gordon said...

A raucous beauty, this one...

(And I'm referring to the bag, of course...)

Anonymous said...

I LIKE THE TIE STRAPS! I was at a wedding shower yesterday evening and noticed 2 Re-Joyce bags! What a conversation starter!!!!!! Keep up the good work! MK

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE it - orange is my favourite colour.

joyce said...

I meant to say "Are NOT neckties".

Jp- I know you are in a cubicle, because in cubicles, you have those BASIC computers that only show you one way. At home daycares, We have these FANCY laptops, that allows us to see our audience. We need it because we are so ALONE. (but soooo not alone).

I am a raucous beauty, am I not?!
Bah, ha. We'll go with the orange. And I happen to know some really gorgeous types with hair colours in that family of colours..

hey MK- thanks! You could tell them all that you saw those bags before THEY did, right?

Anonymous said...

WOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I know how you love !!!!!!!!!!!) Love the bag. I have to go out now
in the Florida sunshine and lie about by the pool. If someone would like to buy the bag for me as a "welcome back to the frozen north" gift, don't let me hold you back. Nya hehehe.
Love to you.
Soaking up the sun sister Laura in Florida.

momofmany said...

hi there I am new to this but have been checking out these gorgeous bags for some time now.My mom would love this fun and zippy bag, how about $50?

esther said...

VERY fun bag joyce!!!
love it :)

joyce said...

You're on the right track, mom of... Just check back, because the highest bid at 8 oclock takes 'er home.

I'll be out tonight, so don't panic if I don't "declare" on time.

Jennifer P said...

I built a fort around my cubicle to hide my bag blog fetish and you can still see me. Creepy.

And a note on the neckties -- my wool blend tie on Yours Till Day Breaks is lovely but doesn't stand up to the abuse I dish out as much as the all polyester or nylon ones. But the ties rock.

I would bid higher but I just got my gas bill.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a new follower of your bags and blogs and have been watching many without bidding. Today I am bidding. So fun. I will bid $55.


PrairiePeasant said...

Hi Joyce,
I finally got the post up on my blog about your project.
And I'll be waiting for that perfect bag that speaks just to me!
Peace, Laura

Gary said...

I must have this bag (as a gift).


Anonymous said...

wah- hoo, Gary!
send me your mailing address to
and we'll talk "polkaroo"...

Jennifer P- good to know about the wool blend. I guess the laundry would beat the crap out of a wool blend, eh? Not that it would stop me. If you want a replenished tie, let me know. I might have a few kicking around the place!

welcome, Joanne, And Thanks, Laura.

Be back next week...

Anonymous said...

crippity crap. That little guy of me signed in AGAIN and I forgot to check...

Sorry. That should read "JOYCE said....."

Anonymous said...

I missed out on this one but be sure that I will bid again. Can't wait to see more of them. Stay warm.


PamJ said...

I LOVE dots! I am still slightly sad that the only dotted bag I got was a Christmas present for someone else... I really wanted to KEEP it!

Keep up the great work Joyce!