Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Tightwad Totebag

And now for something rash and affordable on a brisk, inhumanly cold day in Canada during the unforgiving month of February.

Tuesday Ten dollar Tightwad Totebag.

That's right. Bids start at $10.00 for this gorgeous totebag. Why? Because we can. It's hard to find something really exciting these days in my life. It's unbearably cold. My roots are showing. My house is imploding. My soul is exploding.
It's a lovely, large bag to tote your stuff around in. Like a picnic. In spring. Or groceries, to store until spring. Or your stethoscope. To take your heart
rate, if you can manage one until spring.
Two inside pockets that run the width of the bag, but provide some form of organisation for your
handy dandy tote.
Some happy Dutch people. They are already at spring.

I may be a little, little paranoid but do they look like they're laughing at us while they are happily dancing around in those flowers, reckless in their short sleeves and bare legs?
Wanna get them back? buy the bag for as little as $10.00 and then take them out for a walk in the snow. To the store to buy some frozen foods.


Anonymous said...

You're hilarious Joyce!

Anonymous said...

I'll poney up! $10

gophercheeks said...

You crack me up Joyce... I love the tote!

So.... what kind of flower sits between your nose and chin?

Tulips!!!! Baaaaahahahahaha

15 bucks

Roo said...

i love ! i love!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally, the one I have been waiting for. $20

gloria said...


Anonymous said...

well that is as sweet as apple pie delivered!
brings to mind all those tablecloths I buy... and don't quite know what to do with.
great bag/great energy.
Boler B.

Anonymous said...

Don't you see the similarity between the little blondies you know and these cavorting darlings?
sans the bloomers
Yesterday you had Scottie the actual name of my long gone little darling of a dog
If I had not succumbed to Mirage I would have jumped at Scottie
Can you beleive I planted 75 tulip bulbs last fall
IS it kismet???
I am bidding $30 knowing it won't last as I have to work tonight

joyce said...

Looks like your tulips are coming up! Wa-hoo!