Friday, March 13, 2009

Bag Blurb

Well, that was fun.
And I was honoured to have some of Lettuce's work shown here. There is more- next week I shall release a wonderful felted wool bag that is really candy for the eye.

No bag today. not because I don't have one; but because last night I started work on one that I got quite excited about. And in this long, long winter, that hasn't happened all that often. I have felt more like a robot at times, just so lacking in passion.

But yesterday, a picture brought me inspiration. And so, if I find fourteen seconds to indulge myself today, I will be working on that bag, and not maintaining this blog.

We'll be back, with bags on, Monday March 16.


gophercheeks said...

Have a great weekend.

christine said...

go inspiration go!!!
so happy.
looking forward to see you handy work.

christine said...

i can't spell
but i'm still happy!