Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A church sign in our town reads as follows: "Where there is no vision, the people will perish".
Each time I pass it; I think of the fact that people need hope in order to have passion to live. And it makes me wonder.... Why do the women in the displaced persons camps still want to live? Their husbands and fathers have been shot. Their babies were ripped off their backs and thrown into their village wells. Their bodies ravaged and mutilated by rape.

No real hope of ever returning home. Their homes were burned, their crops destroyed, their wells polluted.

What drives us on? Gives us a vision for the future? What gives us hope?

The arrest warrant of President Bashir is expected today. This could be turning point for Sudan, with the fate of innocent Darfuris hanging in the balance.

Woudn't it be nice if that were enough, and this whole bad "waiting room to Hell" would go away? Is it enough to give us some hope for moving forward? To seeing some justice?
On to the bag. It measures 11 x 11 inches, has two inside pockets, and one in each side panel.
I'd like the bids to start at $45.00 and we'll move up from there until 8 pm, cst.


Anonymous said...

Hope is faith in a better tomorrow, even though yesterday was hell. Hope is the incredible, uncrushable, resilience of the human spirit. It is fostered by the love & compassion of people like you Joyce. May there come a time when your labored sewing machines remain indefinitely.

Sharyl said...

Ok this is a lovely one. can i start the bidding???? $45


Anonymous said...

..that was indefinitely "idle",
& may that truly come to pass.

joyce said...

Oh! I get it.
hmmm..... indefinitely idle. Or maybe used for sewing celebratory banners to be used in happy parades of people returning to their rightful places of home and business and family? Have you ever heard of a project in (I think Ethiopia) where a doc fixes up women with fistulas, and other women voluntarily sew them new dresses before they return to their villages as "new women"?
I love that story. I would love to do something like that.

I doubt that my sewing machines will ever be idle, as I quite love to have them hum. but maybe if we could enlist the world to use whatever they are passionate about to change their own corner of the world, or impact someone else's corner? I think the world has more resources that it appears to. by that I mean that if we were less greedy, and learned to share our toys, maybe there would be less horrer in the world. (she says that from her comfortable, heated, safe home in a democratic country......)

Anonymous said...

i'm finally bidding! $50
Katherine in Rome

Anonymous said...

I really wanted this bag, it is so lovely & means so much...we Manitobans are loyal supporters, better Joyce's message spreads all the way to Rome, too special!

Anonymous said...

P.S.-Joyce could you be cajoled into another Darfur beauty of equal size?

Anonymous said...

Please visit -
When you get there type - Darfur on the search line. Informative, enlightening & "HOPE"ful!

joyce said...

Hey! Katherine is my niece.
(Thanks, Katherine! Do you want me to hold onto it for now, or send it in the mail?)

mmichele said...

i might be going to rome! maybe could deliver in april...

that would be fun.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't want it to get lost in the mail. probably just hold onto it. katherine