Monday, March 9, 2009


Endangered. That's what every man, woman, and child left in the displaced person camps in the Sudan is right now. Without food and medical aid, it will take very little time for them to run out of everything that is necessary for their survival. Thirteen aid agencies have now been evicted from the country as President al-bashir reacts to the warrant for his arrest.

Makes me wonder again at the horrers that people are capable of visiting upon one another. Makes me wonder what justice looks like.

There is nothing on the UN WFP website to indicate that they have lost access to the country; and we will continue to raise funds as the need is higher than ever. If you have not already done so, please use your voice as indicated on the prior blog post to pressure our government to do what it can.

The bag: Blue and taupe; the body made out of a wonderfully textured, low pile fabric. Two interior pockets, two side panel pockets, and adjustable shoulder strap. Bag size approximately 10 x 11". Bidding begins at $45.00 Canadian, and wraps up at 8 pm, cst.
A couple more things: The suggestion for an overnight bid is well-recieved, as you have made an excellent point for people who are unable to be at their computer in the evening. I will work on incorporating that idea.
Secondly, a link for an excellent project in South Africa was recently brought to my attention. Please check out the link and pass it along as you are able. I will copy and paste a little bit of information here to get you inspired.
Keiskamma Canada supports the Keiskamma Trust in South Africa which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the holistic care of the communites that live in the area alongside the Keiskamma River in the Eastern Cape. The Keiskamma Trust combines health, art, music and education initiatives in an integrated fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS.
Thank you, all. Remember- no one can do everything, but we can all do a little bit.


keepin on keepin on. said...

so lovely joyce. i will start the bidding at $50

Anonymous said...

Another great bag! Love the elephants! $51

joyce said...

ding, ding, ding... this auction house is closing up for the night! And these elephants now going, going, going GONE! to Anna for $51.00.

Shawna Lemay said...

Thanks for linking up to Keiskamma Canada Joyce!

Beautiful bags, all.
- Shawna