Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tumbiri Akikosa

Sorry, nope... I haven't a clue what that means. All I know is that this fabric came from Barundi. And I believe that this is the final tote bag that I got out of that piece.

So, welcome to Tightwad Ten Dollar Tuesday. That's where the bids begin today.

It has other cool, incomprehensible words on it as well, and if I weren't lazy, I'd google them or something. But maybe one of you readers know this language, and you'll simply interpret for me! (Gee, I hope it's not wildly inappropriate!)
In other news...
I know that I was going to delete my site meter... (shhhh, Ruth, Karla, Christine, and anyone else whom I may have made a feeble but impassioned statement to.....) But you can find out the coolest stuff on your site meter! Like how this Italian blog linked to the Darfur project blog. Can they read me, although I cannot understand their language at all, at all?
Well, if you are going to click over there to check it out and try to learn how to read Italian....
Take a minute to scroll down to a Youtube video near the bottom of the post. It's worth the time.
Maybe we'll hit some sort of linguistic jackpot today and someone will come along who can interpret both Barundi and Italian for us?
Happy Tuesday.
The auction will carry on until 8 pm, cst.
Oh. And please check this out:
Take a look at the beautiful embroidered cushion I've posted on the Keiskamma Canada blog. The bidding is open until 9 o'clock (mtn/edmonton time) tonight!


Anonymous said...

Let's get this party started! (does that make it sound like I'm NOT at home with two-feels-like-four toddlers?? :-) $15


Colleen said...

I cannot get the sitemeter to even work for me and I would totally be into seeing who reads what when. Sigh.

But to the bag - I love words that I have no idea what they mean. You should see my tattoo. . .


Anonymous said...

Wow wouldn't that look great on my shoulder in the dr.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bag...I bid $30.00

Colleen said...

$40 please.

Ruth said...

i hear ya.
the whole love/hate relationship with site meter. :)

what a cute bag!

Roo said...

that was NOT brian.
that was me.

Shawna Lemay said...

Thanks for the link up Joyce! I see you're sending lots of traffic our way....yep, the sitemeter told me so....

PrairiePeasant said...

Hi Joyce,
Instead of sitemeter, you should be able to get Google Analytics for this blog, and then the information would be visible only to you. I was surprised that anyone can look (if they are so inclined) to see who has stopped by (which may or may not be a concern).
(And nice bag!)

joyce said...

Shauna- I did that in the space of very little time, and now recognize that it says "that I posted" and I may have misled all sorts of readers.... :( woops. I feel like such a blebione. (verification word)

Prairie peasant- I don't know why this site meter works that way. On my other blog, I have to enter my password if I want to see the stats. Do you think that the info on there is too personal to have on the blog? I've wondered about that. But then I usually wander off and fix myself a snack or something...

Ruth- I thought it was curious that (my) Brian left that comment... But when I put YOUR voice to it, it totally made sense!

Colleen- home with toddlers. May as well be four or seven. Trust me. Shouldn't we be uber happy 24/7 now that it's spring? I'm disappointed that I still have negative emotions.

joyce said...

ok, colleen you got yourself a bag!
re-joyce@mts.net and give me your mailing addrss.