Monday, March 2, 2009


This weekend, the Watoto children's choir gave some performances in our area and a few of my friends were moved and motivated when they heard these once abandoned children sing and dance so beautifully.

So, as a small act of honour to these children, this bag will be known as Watoto.

Three complimentary but unique brown buttons add interest to the edge of the flap. All the browns are deliciously chocolate coloured.

The pant pocket flap actually forms two pockets. As usual, there are also two pockets imbedded in the side panels of the bag; a good size for cell phones and keys.

This bag measures 11 by 13 inches.

So, are we ready to raise some money for Darfur, or what?! After watching the documentary Sand and Sorrow, I only wish that there was justice in the world...
Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...

She's a beaut Joyce! I'll start out the bidding this am. $45

Anonymous said...

Looking for a gift for my sister - perfect! $55.00

gophercheeks said...

Dammit.... I just wrote you a lovely note about how I am soooo happy to have your inspiring words treat me everyday but something went terribly wrong and it didn't show up.

So in a nutshell... I'll sum it up for yah. Your work on this Darfur Project is huge for all of us cause we can help you to raise major profits to feed so many people, but I hope that you also know that this blog teaches all of us why we should care about places like Darfur and not turn a blind eye on the issues affecting millions like political war, inexcusable poverty, severe abuse, inhumanity, and the overall lack of love. You grace us with questions that force us to think outside of our bungalows and I love that the most.
So thank you for taking a break, I think your sewing closet looks smokin'!!

Ariel Gordon said...

Beautiful! (Welcome back!)

Roo said...

love them.
love it.
love you.

esther said...

welcome back joyce, the bag looks stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Gophercheeks says it well! Ditto for me! Glad to have you back...BBNM
ps. awesome bag today

Anonymous said...

Inspiring as always! I greatly admire your prolific mind... continuously creating original art & provocative questions. Always amazing & challenging us all! Great work!
Long Time Fan

Anonymous said...

How does the exchange work with US Money?

joyce said...

Been away from the computer most of the day, out slaying dragons. Thank you for the well spoken encouragements. Always received with gratitude.

anonymous at $55, you can e-mail me at to figure out shipping and stuff.

If you are wondering about U.S./Canada exchange, here's what I do: We process through paypal, because then you can pay in Canadian curency and it will do the conversion for you. I go through my husband's account.

And the comment about the prolific mind.... garosh. I might have to frame some of these to prop myself up on those not-so-sunny days.

Thank you.
thank you.