Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Button Crazy

So, we're heavy on the buttons over here in bagland.

This bag makes me happy because I didn't spare any of my favourite things. When I fingered some of my hankies, I came across this one with the loverly coloured floral accents. I thunk to meself.... "The one bunch of flowers looks like the ground, and the second could be like a heavenly cloud of flowers! All it needs is a tree with button fruit!"

From there, it was sheer joy to use a turquoise and white table cloth that I found in Brandon while thrifting with Lory and Rose; and add some length to that strap by cutting up a hand embroidered table runner of a fine garden party lady standing in flowers.

It couldn't possibly be put together without using fabric from a true lady: Mrs Rickert. So, I cut into that marvelous plaid piece that made my heart go pitter patter when I first laid eyes on it.

It's a veritable buffet of loveliness.
Bag measures 12" x 12".
I like comments, and so I'll start the bids at $30. As we've all noticed, these bags are becoming more affordable. But its fun to be part of the game playing; plus I get more rewards when I take a break from my job and check my inbox.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments over the past few days. They stimulated thoughts and responses in me, and then.... Well... I had no chance to sit down and pound them out.
Still, you need to know that you are noticed and appreciated.


Karen said...

The Button Trees are SO CUTE! I'll start at $30.

By the way, Joyce, did you get my e-mail about the "Placemat Bag"?

Karen T.

joyce said...

hi Karen- I totally suck lately. I did get your e-mail, and I even got to the post office yesterday, so your bag is enroute! You should see it in a few days. Sorry for the lack of communication. I need a brain colostomy...

Wendy Buhler said...


Love the buttons!

Roo said...

bag-crazy about button-crazy.
so adorable. totally in love.

sheila said...

I'm in for $40!

Anonymous said...

Brain that's funny. I'll remember that one. Colostomys aren't funny, but I get what you are saying and for some reason it hits my funny bone.
Very pretty bag Joyce. Yikes, you have me commenting regularily now!

Vanilla Bean (Possibly VB in future...not VD, VB, ok?)

joyce said...

Sheila, you got it!