Saturday, April 4, 2009

placemat bag

What do you get when you look at a placemat in a whole new way?
Well, a bag for Darfur, of course!

I added buttons for some surprise texture.
The green velvety goodness on the bag body is already a textural paradise.

It's a happy bag; employing two of my favourite colours- turquoise and green. (And orange! Makes three... but who's counting?)
10 x 11 inches.
Who will start our auction off with $35.00 Canadian? We'll wrap it up tomorrow morning, April 8. at 7:00 am. (My second teen-ager gets launched on that very day!)


Kelli Moore said...

It makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Your bags are all so beautiful Joyce. Thanks for adding some colour to my otherwise colourless life. Sorry I didn't show last night.

gophercheeks said...

Oh my...ooohhhh my!!
This bag is just so juicy!!! I could paint my house with those colors!!!!

I just have to say that I think this bag is too wonderful and brilliant to be presented on Tightwad Tuesday. Joyce... I just love this bag!!

Ranavan said...

Oh I love this bag!!!! I have to bid on it - $37

Karen said...

Really cute. $50.

Karen T.

Ranavan said...
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Ranavan said...

Oh no Karen!!!! :) Come on! I have been trying for one of these bags forever! Sigh!

$52 :)

Karen said...

Uh oh Rana. We might have to arm wrestle for it. :)

I may bid again tonight, but if it helps, I am never up before 7:30am, so if you're an early riser (and bidder), I can't possibly win!

Karen T.

shaunak said...

It is a lovely bag, Joyce!
I would bid, but I know that Rana needs somewhere to store her referral photos that are going to arrive this week. So I am going to hope she gets it - the referral and the bag :)!

Anonymous said...

This bag is so springy looking...I would like to bid $55.

Karen said...

I'm not sure about the time difference, not sure if I'm too late, but I'm up, so I'll try $60.

Karen T.

joyce said...

well, you couldn't have planned that any better- two minutes to deadline!

Send me an e-mail to with your mailing address and I'll fill you in on the rest.