Monday, April 20, 2009

Postmaster tote

Sometimes in life, things happen that send happy shoots all the way through the cloudy and wet spring, through my muddled self, and right to the heart. Like when the postmaster leaves a parcel card in our mailbox and instead of going inside to retrieve a parcel; she hands Brian two tablecloths to donate to the project. I love that sense of interconnectedness and community. And I deeply appreciate it.

Can't you see yourself with a couple of good books, a bottle of water, a beach towel... All packed up in the funnest tote bag ever? I feel all sandy just looking at this bag.

I turned the bag inside out to show you what the pockets are like. And it actually looks quite reversible...... who knew.

We're going to start bids on this beauty with 25 buckaroos.
You may have noticed the starting bids dropping lately. We're stimulating the economy here. My nephew told me last night that you can buy a house in Chicago for $5,000. Mind you, it's been sacked....
But still. It's fun to level the playing field a little and have more people participate. that's about community as well, and goodness knows we're not Gucci. Nor do we strive to that end.
Dimensions: 17" x 14". Straps: 28".
I'll accept bids until 7:00 am, April 21.


Caroline said...

I'll start this one. $30.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that!!

Roo said...

swa-eet. as in so sweet i could eat.

Anonymous said...

Diesent, I like that one Joyce.

LN said...

What a great bag! I don't know if it is wishful thinking but I can see me toting stuff around in the hot summer days. We will eventually have summer, right?

I'll bid $35


joyce said...

thanks, Laura! Contact me at, let me know your location.