Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Last Three

Bloomin'. Leave your bids here.
Polka Party. Leave your bids here.

Doin' The Happy Dance. Leave your bids here.

This brilliant idea came to me from my personal manager, a lovely reader with great ideas and inspirations. Instead of posting one a day until Friday, she suggested putting the final three on line, and seeing how close to a final tally of $14,000 we could achieve.
Feel free to puruse the posts of the final three bags. If you choose to bid or comment, leave your bids at the post of each individual bag, and leave your comments anywhere.
Get it? Got it.


tanya said...

Talk about going out with a bang! Beautiful as always Joyce.

JayP said...

Love that line....

"Bloomin' Leave your bids here."

lol see it all depends on if you add the period

joyce said...

bah ha.
Leave your bloomin' bids here.
(around here it ought to be: bloomin' leave your KIDS here...)