Wednesday, June 10, 2009


(waiting for a few more cheques to come in. I will be holding onto remaining bags until the funds come in.)

(Still feeling kind of lost, but simultaneously enjoying the fact that there seems to be time for reading and even showering. Want to return to raising funds. Want my back to stop hurting. Want those e-mails back in my inbox....... Hope God gives me great direction, and Soon!! Meanwhile, please give your support to: Made4Aid. It promises to be stellar; and I am excited about it.)


Jennie C. said...

Very exciting. Love the Made4Aid plan/site/blog.

Made 4 Aid said...

thanks for the link Joyce!

enjoy the break. rest well

gophercheeks said...

Thank you Joyce for the tote!!! I love it. I also miss seeing your blog filled with posts and pictures of great creations and all the comments that go along with it.
Hope summer is being good to you!!!