Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn Flowers

We're just fresh into Autumn- only we've been having that summer that passed us by in July and August. It's been a glorious reprieve from a year of spring and winter.

This is my small bag size- 7" x 9". It's the ideal size for your wallet and a few small sundries. It is what has gotten me through this past summer, and I found that I've really loved this size.

(Don't you love those bicycles?! sooo sweet)

The flap piece with the zig zags and brown flowers is from a long, narrow remnant that was gifted to me. I really love it.

The regular tricks apply to "Autumn flowers"- an under flap pocket, and two interior pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, and the use of lots of scrappy bits. (employed here are: chennille bedspread, potholder, Brian's shirt, and assorted donated remnants.

This bag will be on auction for just today- Wednesday, September 23/09 until 9:30 pm, cst. Then there will be another bag up from Thursday to Friday.
Starting bid is $30-


tanya said...

I love that flower fabric, but my pink allergy prevents me from bidding. lovely bag though.

bria erskine said...

$30! For me...right here! My sister-in-law is turning 16 soon and this would be perfect! I'll start the bidding :)


bvrooks said...

Gorgeous, love the smaller size! I'm in for $35.

Brandy in Hinton

Anonymous said...

love it!


gophercheeks said...

Pink is sooooo great. Nice bag Joyce.

Alison said...

SO pretty!

perrygirl :) said...

Those riders on the bicycles...they remind me of Mary her. Let's see more of those small them.

joyce said...

Alison- you are in at $36-, thank you.

good to hear that the small bags are a hit, I'll put some more of those together.

thanks for the comments. They get me through the brief pauses between table wiping and floor sweeping. (ya hoo...)

Alison said...

Right on! I will drop a cheque by today or tomorrow Joyce.

Anonymous said...

this is definetely among my favorites!


esther said...

ohhhhhhhh SO pretty - love it!!!