Sunday, September 27, 2009


Get your pochos out. It's hippy time.
What's with the capital "RE" in recent bag posts? Well, its a silly play on words to REmind everyone of the three RE's. (reduce, reuse, recycle) This project reduces landfill waste by reusing discard fabric and recycling used clothing.

.... and bedspreads and tablecloths. I love that dotted one underneath the flap. Adorable.
Those letters were cut out of a beautifully embroidered hippy top, and then appliqued onto a green chennille bedspread. (not the WHOLE bedspread, silly. just a little PIECE of it.)

Can't get enough of those flowers.

The body is made in the softest turqoise velveteen. One of my hoarded pieces, because its my favourite colour, and VELVET. yum.

Hey, man.

REally measures 11" x 15".
Starting bid is $25 Cdn.
Bids close at 9:30 pm, cst, this evening; September 28/09.
Comments are free.


Anonymous said...

How cute!!!!


Anonymous said...

When does the auction end?

Just wondering why do you always write RE in capitals?
REally, gREen, tREedom.

joyce said...

oh gosh. I just realised that this published a day before I meant it to! I'll go back now, and add the words...

gloria said...

so terribly cute this one.

tanya said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

I can't REsist

Rosa said...

35$ I really love this bag Joyce. Wouldn't Emma love it as well. She and MEadow have begun to make bags.

Anonymous said...

I REally want this bag...
I am inspired by your art, and this bag would be the perfect ME-MEnto.

joyce said...

pretty cute; the two of you bidding against each other.

Hey babe. You got yourself a bag.

Lynn said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I really have to check on these more often.