Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whether The Weather

Another great work by Lettuce over at made4aid.
Who woulda thunk it? I love this sweater vest turned bag.
It is certainly a happier way to look at the impending winter weather than say.... well....looking at the impending winter weather.

Letty has quite a stash of fabulous buttons. If you didn't click on the hyperlink yesterday, well... you're just missing out.

And I bet this rosebud patterned fabric is old as well. That's just the way Letty rolls.

Her sewing is so tidy- her bags are so lovingly tended to.
Here are some details on the bag:
~17" wide at the base;
~16" from top to bottom.
Top button bag closure.
Exterior side pocket.
Interior small pocket; also with button closure.
Lovely green felted wool face that can also serve as a pocket.
Just think- that green vest kept the London chill off somebody. It never knew what it had coming.... that Canadian winter is going to be a shocker for sure.
Please begin bids at $25- Cdn.
The auction will conclude at 9:30 pm, cst on Tuesday, November 3, 2009.


Roo said...

super sweet bag!

Anonymous said...

oh oh I am totally loving this bag!!


Lynn said...

$30, did I miss it? I have no clue what day it is.....

Jules said...

oh my goodness i love the style! if you did this up again with some darker colours (tweeds, greys, etc) i'd totally be buying it :)

Giulia said...

Our Mme. Romaine is so very clever. That is so cool. I have to stop spending $ for at least this week.:)


lettuce said...

glad some of you like this one! i almost lost confidence halfway through making it...

the rosebud fabric is vintage laura ashley, was once a curtain or something...

Analise said...

Don't know if I missed it yet, but can I bid $35?

Analise said...

Hi Lettuce,
I'm Joyce's niece. When I bid on the bag, I thought it was one of hers (and, therefore, that I could pick it up when I see one of her sisters in a couple of weeks).
If the bag is somewhere else (as in not-Canada, which I'm starting to get a sneaking suspicion of right now), I may have to respectfully withdraw my bid. Please let me know.

joyce said...

ok- waiting on your decision, Analise. if you're a "no" then it'll go to Lynn-

thanks, everyone!

Analise said...

I love this bag - since it's in Joyce's possession already, yes, I'll take it!

lettuce said...

hello! glad you are still having this Analise, I hope you'll enjoy it.