Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Something about December that makes me want to work with red velvet and plush green.

And a few buttons.
Wonder what that green was meant for in the real world? A coat? Hard to envision.
These fabrics are thanks to Kim Z. An angel from a city not too far away.
And I know who our other angel is-
A local young lady.
I don't think I was that thoughtful when I was in grade eleven. Way too busy with my own angst. I am very impressed and delighted, A.

Kind of makes you want to lick it or something. Or just snuggle up.

Yeah.... never mind about the well thought out background of: compost pail, garbage can, and laundry that needs putting away.
Can you envision your cell phone and keys all wrapped up in velvet?

The inside pockets are just as pretty- two bits of old fabric that have been around the place for... well forever.
It's a sweet bag and I can only hope that it will be indicative of an excellent day.
specs: 9" wide x 10" deep.
three pockets.
adjustable strap.
$25-Cdn to start, please.
Auction close at 9:30 pm cst, Wednesday, November 2, 2009.


Alison said...

I will start it out at $25

Chelsea said...

I bid 35 dollars!

janice said...

Wow - you have outdone yourself again - wish I wasn't done shopping. Glad you found your angel.

Anonymous said...

You WERE thoughtful in grade 11...but with people who shared angst. At least that's how I remember it, and it's a story I will stick with.

joyce said...

Chelsea- I've not yet sent the other one- so this should be handy!

Janice- I wish you weren't done shopping either...

Vbean. You are a keeper. REmbember when we used to do that thing in the cafeteria where when someone asked us "Hey! How are y?!" we would smile really happy like and then say in a lilting voice- "lousy. thinking about ending it all". And nobody would notice what we'd really said.

yup. We were angst like that.

Chelsea said...

Hey thanks Joyce, sounds good to me, thanks for the awesome work you do!

Anonymous said...

hi great blog :) and 'all' your bags are gorgeous.. the colours, the textures, very original. visiting from Lettuce's blog x