Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hankie Pankie

I recently received a message from a fellow collector who was paring down her hankie collection.
This reminded me of my own extensive collection.

So, I pulled out a drawer full of hoarded hankies and began to play with them.

I really, really love hankies. They were intended at one time to make the act of snot blasting a "kinder, gentler" sport. I can tell from the integrity of my hankies, that many women felt as I do-- why waste a perfectly good little piece of art on common household phlegm?!

Especially when one considers the practical value of one's sleeve- it's right there, and it'll go in the wash anyway. Why soil another item?

There's the tatting (the one on the top- all that pretty edging is called "tatting". Don't ask me why I know that.)

She's got a hankie on the back, too. Reminds me of my daughters when they were little; I always loved putting bits of hankies on their summery dresses.

Two pockets beneath the flap.

The inside is almost as pretty as the outside. I used hankies to form the pockets- in this case folding it and creating three pockets from one handkerchief.

I often begin a bag; get to a certain part on it; and then put it aside because I'm uninspired to complete it. Then I'll return to it on another day when it looks fresh to me again.

The hankie bag was another story. I pulled the collection out in the afternoon and sewed the final stitches before bedtime- I really got caught up in it.
The straps are a collage of pieces as well- lace detailing from a blouse rescued from Rosa's ancient stone house; a hand embroidered doiley; a spare hankie or two-- all backed by a lovely patterned piece from Mr Fancy Upholstery Guy. The body is also constructed from that donation- which means high quality.
The bag measures 11.5" wide and 11" tall.
It employs seven vintage handkerchiefs, one blouse, one table runner, and six pretty buttons.
Bids begin at $25- Cdn.
This bag will remain on auction until tomorrow, as it will be the last bag this week.
Auction ends: January 15, 2010 at 9:30 pm cst.
comments are free today. For you-- special price.


Ms. Caddywumpus said...

Breathtaking! I'll start at $40

Shw Laura said...

So beautiful, it makes the inside of my bones hurt.

Chelsea said...

I love it!! i bid $ will be a bday gift for myself!

joyce said...

are you sure it isn't arthritis?
(and I like the Shw. that helps.)
FYI readers: the shw stands for Schwester which is german for sister... which is what my Laura is.

I'm so grateful.
I comment to my friends that I must have terrible taste because often my favourites go over like lead balloons....

So, now we know that we have EXCELLENT taste!!

:) thank you.

joyce said...

(hi chelsea- you snuck in there!)

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

Charity is my middle name today. Just sent money to help the Haitian crisis. Now it's time to bid $55.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce,
Kindred spirit we are. I too LOVE vintage and hoard--er, collect hankies with tatting and linens and pillow cases etc. And buttons and fabrics. You didn't know, did you? I totally get your love for these precious items that click things in the head and heart. And kerosene lamps, and interesting pottery and glassware and the list goes on. You put your talents and love together and give away for such a good cause. Very well done and inspiring. If you ever run short (which I doubt you will, but if ever) AND if I ever become generous like you, I might share my treasures to join in the good work you are doing. I need to learn to let go of "stuff" (you are allowed to read deeply into that), and you are a very helpful example.

esther said...

so very pretty the hankies :)

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh Chooo,
that sure is pretty!
your talents shine!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms. C - absolutely breathtaking!

Janice said...

OMG JOYCE, you are a genius. That is SO gorgeous. Do you have a lot of fun making these? I am gradually getting inspired to go get creative on my sewing machine.

When I was little, I got to practice ironing on hankies, pillowcases, tea towels - the shirts were for the bigger girls (I am the youngest). I remember having to uncrumple them as some came out of the wash still crusted together. YUCK. The bag is a much nicer use for a lovely piece of cloth.

joyce said...

I was kind of quivery making this one, if you must know my most intimate secrets.

tanya said...

Very dainty and pretty. It has an elegance that I certainly lack. It does amaze me how you can continue to keep making such original pieces, I guess that's what keeps me hooked...and sometimes bidding in spite of HIS objections.

Shw Laura said...

It is NOT, I repeat, NOT!!! arthritus. It is an intense appreciation of true beauty. Such loveliness.

AND: Did you know? The acceptable size for a purse you are allowed to carry on to the airplane - 12x10x5 1/2. So this bag is officially acceptable!!!!!!!!!!!! According to Canadian Air Transport Security Authority. How cool is that?

Audrey said...

Oh. My.
Such beauty!
Already have two bags... only have two arms, as helpful husband has pointed out... he doesn't check here (I think).

joyce said...

special offer today: Because of Laura's enlightenment regarding airline handbag dimensions.

Anyone who sends me an airline ticket gets a free bag.

There. Now don't say that I never do anything for you.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.....a ticket to anywhere?
One way?

joyce said...

well, I suppose it would have to be return. There's that whole pesky "family thing" to consider....

Oh, and work.... :(

joyce said...

Audrey- go grow yourself another arm, there's a bag here for you.