Monday, January 11, 2010

Buttons For Darfur

I spent some time this morning looking for the camera. Meanwhile, I did the the-babies-are-coming house sweep-- putting away the nerf guns, journals, pencils, photo albums, and several thousand more things that had communed around the place over the weekend.
I looked through the computer/sewing room, the living room, the kitchen, the porch.... (I got a lot of stuff put away) I looked upstairs in daughter's bedrooms.
Desperate, and running out of time, I checked the lower shelf of the magazine rack where I often place my laptop and its various cords and accessories.
Weird. The camera was exactly where I'd put it yesterday.

Gee, that was confusing.

About a bag? More brown button fun. Tutorial? Take one small upholstery sample and any number of tins full of buttons. Sit down with a needle, thread, and not a lot of distraction. Let yourself GO....

What happened this time was a little collage of floral arrangements.

(My! haven't we gotten generous with splashing very special buttons around the place!)
(Sometimes a gal has got to pat her own back.)

(sorry about that sideways shot.
If you tilt your head ever so slightly to the right, you'll see that it depicts two pockets on the front bag panel.

Lots of browns.

Inside you'll find three more pockets- one small and two medium.

Size: medium 9.5" wide and 10" deep.
Adjustable strap.
Five pockets.
$25- Cdn to start.
Auction ends at 9:30 pm(central standard time), Tuesday, January 12, 2010.
Comments are free, welcome, and delightful.


gophercheeks said...

I love this rich! Glad you found your camera.

tanya said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Kelli Moore said...

Deeply lovely, Joyce.

Shannon said...

Linked here from a friend's blog. Beautiful bag.
What are the increments for bidding?



Chelsea said...

I lovvee it!! I bid $35 big ones!

Shannon said...



tanya said...


Shannon said...


joyce said...

thank-eth you-eth, Shannon. SEnd me a message at
Tell me your location and I'll let you know about shipping.


joyce said...

love that tree also, Oneblessed.

And, Shannon- thank your friend for me.