Monday, January 4, 2010


All that remains is a part of the shoulder strap..... But the night.
I found myself in a foreign country with zero currency except for a handful of peanuts which I couldn't seem to count, no matter how often I began again. They weren't going to let me off the bus, except that they got so tired of me counting.... two....four..... six... Where was I? that they let me off after all. And then there were the babies put down for naps in loft beds near bottles and bottles of medication....

Didn't quite get that strap sewn on.

Don't give up on me.......


Laura said...

Are you overdoing things again? What a dumb question. Of course you are! Aren't those nightmares something? Hope you're OK. I love you. And I love the tree bag.

JayP said...

Overdoing it? So then how about three bags a week....and if we all bid a minimum of $75 each time..that would be close to $12,000 a year to Darfur.....ok forget it....not enough. Get back to work Joyce and quite 'dreaming'! lol lol

Janice P

joyce said... I'm REALLY liking your business plan, Janice. Really liking. Could you contact the others?