Thursday, January 7, 2010

She Tells You a lot of Things That Are Not About a Bag

I was pretty sure that none of you would be too excited to show up here this morning and look at pictures of my eleven year old boy in a "We Have The Map To Candy Mountain" t-shirt.

That's what took up a few hours of my time last night, (after the labour intensive task of driving to the city to pick up boxes and bags and cartons of sustenance).
I had gotten the Best Mom In The World Award from the boy after ordering a t-shirt off the internet that depicts one of his favourite weird youtube series. However. The thing about ordering clothes from ebay is that unless you take the time to measure your boy carefully, you might land up with an unsuitable size when it does come in the mail.
Which may land you in the spot of figuring out how to alter a t-shirt in time for school the following morning.
Which means you kind of used up the time you might have spent finishing a Darfur bag.
Which means you stay up two hours past your bedtime, then get up at 5:30 to get the rest of it done.

I couldn't just be my son's hero- no, I had to be yours too.

Over the Christmas break, I really enjoyed losing myself in my buttons without the pressure of cleaning them up before toddlers ate them for snack.

(and it wasn't easy to sew on that kitty head on one end, and the tail on the other. Nope, that was not easy)

Pockets: One exterior, three interior. One quite small- perfect for business cards.

Yes, this photo is sideways. And because I'm well into my day now and will be working on a time deficit and sleep deficit... I'm not going to change it. Nope. You can't make me.
Bag: size smallish. 8" wide, 9" deep.
start price: $25- Cdn.
End of auction: Friday, January 8, 2010 at 9:30 pm central standard time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Beautiful! I Bid $30

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it I bid $35.

Little Miss Sunshine

Anonymous said...

make it $40

Rosa said...

now you got me curious about the t-shirt who votes that we want to see it. Love what your doing with the bottons by the way.

Lianne said...

Lovely - $45.

gophercheeks said...

Joyce... you are on a roll with these beautiful, tres beautiful bags!!

I love them all.... need a raise:(

Jennifer P said...


And Joyce, I am so overdue in sending you Yours Till Day Breaks for some bag love. If you've still willing to mend it I can mail you the bag plus some fabric from India that needs a loving home.

Tracy Hamon said...


tanya said...

Gorgeous! but HE is in the room, so I'll have to leave it at that.

gloria said...

can i see the t-shirt?

the girl had one of those t-shirts too... prolly still buried in her closet somewhere

Jenni said...

am i too late? i think i'm too late...
soon and very soon, i'll be in the right time zone, but in the meantime, may i say that most of my kids at the youth shelter are pretty sure that whoever created the charlie the unicorn series (unless there's another youtube series about candy mountain) was high on something... ;)
enjoy the t-shirt!

joyce said...

oh, you people make me so happy.
For lots of reasons.

for example: Little Miss Sunshine. What an irreverent, hilarious movie. Love it.

Rosa- HI! miss you. must post link about Charlie the Unicorn. You will be afraid...

Lianne- Hi!
Tanya B: re-Hi!

Gopher: I love you!
Jennifer: zero problem. if you need my mailing address, just ask me at
And you know that I'm shameless when it comes to homeless fabrics..

Tracy- say HI to Ariel!
Tanya- must finish your tree bag. Just have the strap left. It's always the strap...

Glorious- that was on my "to do list" yesterday.... still planning to show off the altered t-shirt, and the link.
Definitely drugs. Totally, undeniably drugs.
But cute, silly drugs.
And you're not late for anything. We're going on this bag until 9:30 pm tonight, Jan 8

joyce said...

Tracy- its yours for $55-
Email your mailing address to me at