Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Simple Everyday Elegance

Yes, you too can be simply elegant.

In an everyday sorta way.

Another work of pure love, this one.
Three old buttons- still stringed together. Couldn't bear to separate them.

My guess is that they used to be part of furniture- an armchair or something. I could be wrong- they might be coat buttons.
Any way you look at it, now they are berries on a leather branch, all on an upholstery sample back drop.

All paired up with a variety of brown and smokey grey hues.

Another upholstery sample, folded up and sewn into four handy little pockets, forms one side of the interior. Brian's shirt, and a couple of scraps form three pockets on the other side. I re-used the front pocket of the original shirt. I also sewed a narrow pocket; just right for that pen which I constantly and consistently lose.

It's a simple bag, and almost understated in its beauty.

Kind of tempted to keep it myself. But then again.... That would be ridiculous.
9" wide; 9.5" deep.
adjustable strap.
nine pockets.
Bids start at $25- Cdn
Auction concludes at 9:30 pm, cst tonight, February 23, 2010.


Dancin' Momma said...

Very pretty, love the roses!

Karla said...

Simply spectacular. Refined and classic - elegant and sophisticated. Exactly like you! :)

Proudmama said...

It's beautiful. Love it love it.



joyce said...

karla- liar, liar, pants on fire!

joyce said...

hi newbie! Welcome here, and thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Joyce this is so subtle and comforting some how
Has anyone of your lovely bidders ever bribed you or rented Brian to up the bid whatever it is at 9:29 as I have to go to a hockey game and will miss the adrenelyn rush that comes with late night skulking at your site

Jenni said...

a beauty, joyce! love it, love it, love it!

tanya said...

You make it SO hard to be a spectator. The only thing that's saving me is I plan to finally make it to Karla's tomorrow.
And maybe your picture wearing that sweater doesn't scream elegant and sophisticated, but I do think you're simply spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed! Is it finally my turn?

$50 for a beautiful bag, Joyce!

~Joi :)

Jenni said...

oh... the temptation to give in to the devious thoughts.

1 - bid up my sister, and tell her that it's mine... all MINE!
2 - bid up my sister, and tell her that I'll sell it to her for a $5 profit to fatten up my own wallet.
3 - bid up my sister, under a stranger's name so she thinks that Joyce's most beautiful bag of the month won't have the chance to join our family, then flaunt it at our next family get together.

ah... but 9:30 came and went while I contemplated the devious possibilities. good for her, and I suppose the day for my second bag will yet come!

Anonymous said...

But she didn't!!!
Ah! My sister is so wonderful!
Nearly had a heart attack when I came back and saw that someone else had commented!

~Joi :)

Anonymous said...

ok i am officially upset girls
i did my wifely duties and went to the hockey game and cheered and convinced my darling to leave early for +++ delights which include scoring this bag and i missed it by moments

have mercy girls
have mercy and i'll pay 55 gladly

oh so needy am i

joyce said...

oh, so many comments that I too want to make! such a delighted smile on my face! But alas, I have children. it is past their/my bedtime. And tomorrow is roaring up ever so fast.... Mst come back and comment in the early morn.

Meanwhile, looks like you clever people figured it all out!

(good thing for fancy, I had that scrap of brown leather out again today... let her tell her hockey playing husband THAT bit about leather.... Ah, but I digress...)

joyce said...

besides fancy. The way I read it is that you did wifely duties BEFORE the game. That was your first mistake. Next time, promise the duties AFTER the bag is scored.

Please. I'm kidding. Don't send me hate mail about my misperceptions about loving relationships and the wonders of
s*x after forty....

I'm still commenting. Aren't i. Kids are still awake. Aren't they.

Thought so.


joyce said...

Tanya- don't dis the sweater. It's not everyone who can take the sleeves off a children's christmas special and really pull of the whole sweater vest look.

Next year? Reindeer!