Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Points of Interest

(I'll post another bag tomorrow. Need a ketchup day.)

Just in case some of you bag purchasers are waiting for your cheques to be cashed, I ask you for a little more of your patience. All of my donations are made online, using my credit card. Payment for the bags are then deposited into the bank and re-directed to the credit card.

My bank, or Canada Post, or a big dog made an error. My renewed credit card never came in the mail, and my other one is now expired. The bank has been alerted, and are now issuing me a new card.

Which I am waiting for.
As are you.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to make time to read about organizations getting into Darfur so that I can donate through the best possible venue. I'm still open to suggestions.

Coming up in the next while? Buttony flowers, hanky art, a low orange moon.... and whatever else seizes me in its giant creative grip.


Dancin' Momma said...

Sounds cool! Now if you ever do a sun & moon or celtic knot design.... I will need to find a sitter for my kids so I can bid like a crazy lady! :) Darn kids always distracting me from bidding on your gorgeous creations, but one day I will get myself a bag. One day. :)

JayP said...

How about a hoar frost tree bag...doesn't it look amazing out today in Manitoba

...or better yet a limited edition Olympic rings bag in blue,green & white

...or a black and white bag with an orca whale on the front

getting all patriotic on you.

Janice P

tanya said...

Mmmm...loving the sound of a low orange moon