Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No, I've Not Fallen Through The Deck to My Untimely Death

I know, I know.
If you've humoured me by slipping over to Blunderview, you know the dramas in which I've been entangled.

But what about the bags??

That too.
I haven't lost the sewing machines, nor the inspiration, nor the passion.
I just can't do it all.

( ;) who knew?)

So, don't rush off to online electronics or gucci bags, ok?
see you soon.

(also- I'm waiting to hear from Kristy from the last branch bag. Contact me at


Jenni said...

You're missed! I'm think I'm a bag addict. I wandered over to Blunderview to see what reJoyce has been up to, and enjoyed the family photos. Thanks!

joyce said...

aw, thank you Jenni.
I thrive on addictions- mine and others!

maryann said...

That’s great to hear! Please let us know what you think of it. I am greatly enjoying it, myself.

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