Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kenya Meets Ethiopia

A number of my siblings spent time in Ethiopia between the 1970's and 1990's.
One of the gifts that came back was a beautifully hand embellished throw cushion, all festooned with Ethiopian animals. I still enjoy them.

But it's time to give them another life; and another oppurtunity to be loved by someone else. And maybe give back to Africa in the meantime.

The strap and portions of the body are pieces made in Kenya. Sadly, I don't remember exactly who donated this piece to the project- one of two or three possible women. In any case, it's lovely, and it too, is giving back to Africa.

(she's under the deception that this is all about her.)
.."........every morning, my human carefully lays out a lovely nest of fabric on the kitchen floor. How thoughtful of her."

(two pockets beneath the flap)

(same bag, turned inside out. Helps you see the pocket layout a little better)

I used some corduroy scraps from my brother-in-law Dan's mothers remnants. (did you follow that?) I guess she had a bit of a thing for sewing all her grandsons coveralls. Turns out you can use those shapes for the edges of messenger bags as well. (ok, after you totally change the shape of them)

This bag was actually destined for the sale at "Hope For Darfur" in Brandon, but it never got past the very initial stages of production. Maybe some of my Africa interests will visit the blog today?
Anyhoo, same schtick. Minimum start bid is $25- Cdn. You can place bids in the comment section, and the highest bid by 9:30 pm takes those elephants home.
Meanwhile, if you're not in a safari kind of mood, you can read about how not to be a board member over at Blunderview.


Anonymous said...

$25 - MK

Kelli Moore said...

Kelli Moore

Anonymous said...

Now I know why Monti (our resident cat ) loved my Darfur bag I purchased last Fri nite! She was getting the messages your feline sent!

Beautiful bag for someone to own today!

bbnm's Seeestor Mary

Heidi said...

Oh I love the Africa fabrics. $55

janice said...

Oh WOW - now I have to bid. $60. And tell Floey I love her. Of COURSE it is all about her.

Kelli Moore said...


joyce said...

ahh, this is the spirit. I was glaad to find that elephant piece, I wasn't sure if i'd used them all up already.

Mary, you may have to break it to Monti that Floey can't have his babies. Very sad. Still, nothing wrong with a long distance romance. Less complicated, I say, than living together.

those apples did look delicious on you.

Anonymous said...

Love the African stuff, Joyce! In fact, I have some I need to send you sometime...
~Joi :)

Jenni said...

Good thing you have a sister who moved to Manitoba, Joi. ;) See you soon. Joyce, I LOVE IT! If only I didn't have to exercise such fiscal restraint at the end of this school year, this bag would be mine! All mine! Come summer, you had all better watch out.

janice said...

Oh thank God somebody outbid me. That bag is too beautiful, and I am too broke.

Love you all. Joyce, Floey, Kelli et all.