Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Neelin High School Performing & Visual Arts Dept

Description: A completely original show showcasing the talents of over fifty Neelin students as they paint, act, dance, and sing for Darfur. The story, written by Neelin’s head Drama teacher Melissa Lausman, is of Pharrell, a CBC reporter who has returned from three months in conflict-ridden Darfur, and now struggles to find a way to tell the Western world the sickening and heart-rending stories of its victims. Thirty Neelin singers will be joined on stage by approximately thirty community children and adults, twenty-three orchestra players, and conductor Carolyn Gwyer, to perform Karl Jenkins’ spell-binding work, “Adiemus (Songs of Sanctuary)”. Additionally, the show will feature mesmerizing improvisational painting under the direction of head Art teacher Tara Leach, and high-intensity dances choreographed by Kristen Yuel of Steppin’ Time Dance Studio. All proceeds from the show will go to support the work of the Red Cross in Darfur. Please join us for one of the most fresh and innovative theatre experiences ever produced in Brandon, bringing aid and awareness to an incredibly worthy cause. Recommended for Grade 5 and up only.

Time: Friday, 7.30 pm; Saturday, 2:00 pm and 7.30 pm Venue: Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium, 205 20th St. Community: Brandon Costs: Including all fees/taxes: Adults $17.05; Students & Seniors $13.05; Ages 12 & under $9.05.

Ticket Vendor: Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium, 205 20th St., Brandon

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Karen said...

Wow - sounds pretty amazing. Hope it's a huge success.

(sadly, way too far away)

janice said...


You are not the only one. Sounds like a whole school full of compassion.

I have been to Brandon, but won't be there this weekend. :(

It will be a HUGE success.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Sell, sell, sell.....MK

Anonymous said...

Joyce I will bring the easel from Lory as well as some of her fab bags to add to the bounty
I will have it there before 11:30 am at the Auditorium
Hope this is ok

fancy aka Vera

Anonymous said...

i'm a parent of one of the very talented kids that have worked very hard and the story has really been felt with all the kids.It is absolutely amazing the teachers and kids.

joyce said...

awesome possom, thanks fancy.

parent- I'm very much looking forward to taking this in.

thanks to all of you, its been a bit of work, but I'm sure worth it.

katewinslet said...

The story has really been felt with all the kids.It is absolutely amazing the teachers and kids.

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