Friday, September 24, 2010


Isn't that funny and ironic? ha ha. Now look who's bidding, and in reverse!!
I'm going to get my auction voice on.

"And now 40-blahdy-jibbery-reebal-de-la-30-mimbidy-jimbady-- Sold? For ten cents."


Ah well, in the words of a not-so-ancient prophet; "We all have our fifteen minutes of fame".

Now, back to the drawing board.


JayP said...

Joyce.....Joyce....where are youuuu?

There is a regular vendor that sells similar bags at the St. Norbert Market but they are all perfectly matched lining and not so many great pockets as yours and not as innovative as yours that have buttons, zippers, tree appliques etc.and I had said that to my son some time back.So here we (me & son) are together enjoying a beautiful fall day and we walk by her stall and he blurts out..."Oh hey...aren't these those bags that you said aren't as good as those Haiti bags or something?"
With the women looking shocked, and said Mother feeling embarrased...and what do I say "No, the bags are for Darfur not Haiti!!" Lol Seems you can't take either of us out in public.

Anonymous said...

Yes Joyce where are you???

Anonymous said...

cheers to JayP
she has nailed it.
your bags are amazing... it is just a matter of re-energizing your market - or re-marketing?
you are one of a kind.

JayP said...

There are some really ugly bags out here these days. When I walk around with my Made4Aid purse or my Bags4Darfur bag no one looks and thinks..Wow that is one uuuugly bag!. NO.. No they do not. They think that when they see this $52,000 number:
or this:
and oh my....these:
Please Joyce, lets get a stall at the St Norberts Market or even their Christmas craft sale...and lets sell some BEAUTIFUL BAGS4 DARFUR!!!

joyce said...

I can't wait to look up those links.
Even in my deathy silence, you guys still come through for me- thank YOU! Better yet, I think we're on the same wavelength with recognizing that another market is in order. In fact, I spent some time online yesterday and am right now looking at/applying for "this aint your grandma's craft sale" and "gathered hearts craft sale". The second raises money for mood disorders, something else near and dear to my heart. (and brain...)

And you know, I"ve always thought about St Norbert. I love that small community feel, I love the outdoors (is it indoors at off weather times?)

JP, we do need to have a "board meeting". let's set it up.

joyce said...

ha ha- "No, you're right about THESE BAGS being sucky, but you've got your geography all wrong".

Isn't parenting wonderful?!

Anonymous said...

I am new to this. Is the necktie bag still available? I would like to buy it.

Roo said...

providence is having a big ole christmas craft sale bash in november...and i'll be there selling my stuff on behalf of compassion....hmmmmmmm?????

joyce said...

yes, necktie lover. Please contact me,

And Roo roo, I think this must be the same sale that a certain young jenni referred to as well. I must look into this.