Monday, September 20, 2010

I confess I'm not an island.
Shopping for clothes this summer (yes, I have two daughters in their teen years), I came across an adorable hoodie that employed its own zipper into a lovely tree. I didn't like the trendy price tag, but I couldn't get the image out of my head.

So, thanks to Boathouse and my cheap-osity, I've used that lust for possessions and created a zipper tree messenger bag.

Once I got going on the zipper theme, I just kept on the theme; adding them to the shoulder strap in entirely useless but pleasurable ways. Besides. A generous lady gave me a whole grocery bag full of zippers and I hate using those dang things in the traditional clothing sense of the word. Turning them into trees and accents is way more fun.

I once bought a bulky sweater at the thrift shop mostly because I really liked the buttons.
Now I'm glad that I followed my silly heart on that one, because they look awesome on this bag. Instead of the typical tie ends that you are used to seeing, I used a button hole and three buttons to allow you to adjust the length of the strap.

This set of pockets beneath the flap is one of my more intelligent ideas. I always use mine for a)keys, and b) cell phone.
That doesn't mean my battery is charged, or that you ought to phone me.

Years ago, I made a patchwork duvet cover for my dear friend Rosa Rabbit. Now, I'm not one of those fancy measuring tape kind of people. In the words of Anne Lamott, I find that to be a bit "show-offy".
So, I just throw things together, and when they're too long, I just cut them off. The funky little bits of patchwork underneath today's zipper tree are the remnants of just such an event. I'm glad I held onto that for all these years.

Here, I have turned the bag inside out to give you a proper view. I did something different in the interior side panel- I sewed in a handkerchief in pencil and pen holding lines. I myself am constantly scrambling to find those items in my bag. I thought maybe if they had homes of their own, they'd be less likely to vanish into thin air.
Then, each side holds two pockets each. These are the cargo pockets of my pants. They used to be my FAT pants. Over time they became my SKINNY pants. (I swear they just kept shrinking.... funny how all the pants in my closet did that very thing...)
This summer I said; "No More!" No more torturing myself with whether they fit or don't fit, whether I'm fatter or not. That resolution might have lasted for four or five minutes but hey-- it's a start!

It's a lot in one small package.
Speaking of small packages, I ought to measure this thing.
It's about eleven inches wide and twelve inches deep.
I poured a lot of myself into this darling, and don't want to sell her for less than $80.00 Cdn.
So, if that's cool with you, then please leave me a comment telling me so. In any case, leave me a comment because it's so nice to hear from everyone.
Messenger bag
11 X 12"
$80.00 Cdn
First person to claim becomes the bag's owner.


Brenda said...

a great bag with lots of features, and well worth 80 bucks. I love the zipper. I hope it sells fast.

PrairiePeasant said...

I think this is the one I've been waiting for. It's beautiful and I love the inspiration for it. And soon to be mine. Thanks. :-)

And I've discovered the trick to shopping with teens is to give them a modest clothing allowance and how they spend it is up to them. They'll learn whether that expensive hoodie or trendy shoes is that important. (sometimes it is and they go without for a while after....)

joyce said...

Prairie Peasant, are you saying that you are wanting to purchase said bag?

PrairiePeasant said...

Absolutely. If Brenda wasn't, and it doesn't sound like she was.

joyce said...

well! dingity dang. SOLD to PP!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it JOyce...

Anonymous said...

What!?! I come before noon, and the bag's already gone! I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad. I guess I'll just have to come again soon.

joyce said...

well, I asked myself the same question- roughly ten minutes after typing the last word and the bag is sold! I decided that it was a very, very happy thing.

But please don't stop coming...

janice said...

Beautiful. I LOVE your presentation, the stories and photos that accompany the bags. I am hunting for glimpses of Floey.

I love this bag and I am so pleased it got snapped up so fast. I would be tempted to buy it and I have way too many bags, including several of yours.

tanya said...

I agree with Janice. I LOVE the bag, but lucky for my wallet (and my marriage), I logged on too late to buy. I have plenty of bags, but not so much will power (as evidenced by the fact that I don't have skinny pants, just fat and fatter pants). Maybe absence really did make the heart grow fonder, but I think this bag is FABULOUS!

Karen said...

Beautiful bag. I thought I'd give everyone 'til noon and then I was going to claim that baby. Like Tanya, my wallet and my husband would likely rejoice that I waited (not that either of them knows I'm here). Congrats PrairiePeasant!


Anonymous said...

beautiful details Joyce.


Mary KG said...

I love the bag! And the zippers -- very nice!

Anonymous said...

Glad to se ethat you are back in the bag business and with a bang I might add. Another truely beutiful creation. I look forward to seeing what the fall months will bring.


Roo said...

aMAZing bag joyce.

Made 4 Aid said...

you get better and better at this Joyce, this is FABULOUS

joyce said...

tank you, tank you. Must do more with zippers.... love them!