Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bags For Darfur.... via Kenya

My friend Marie is taking her family on a hot holiday this Christmas season.
It's kind of an all-inclusive if you mean: your WHOLE family is attending. We've included them all. Yo mama, yo sista, yo brudda......

'Cuz they're not going to Cancun... nope, they are going somewhere so unusual that if they want to have a shower, they'll have to build a dam first.

The whole family is flying to Kenya for the Christmas holidays and spending their hot holidays working on the construction of a sand dam. This is very exciting for our friends- and for all of us who are thinking about their big, exciting Christmas and are happy for not only them, but all the people who will no doubt benefit from accessibility to clean water.

Marie wanted to take a long some uniquely Canadian gifts to distribute on her trip, and lucky me- she chose "Darfur bags"! So, in a tiny way I feel like a piece of me gets to travel to Kenya along with them. Plus it's super cool that these bags are going to be all about Africa.

Bon voyage, dear friends.

Travelling mercies.


christine said...

how exciting! (All the best Marie, what a wonderful experience for the whole family!)

Mary KG said...


Giulia said...

I know they're probably gone by now but I hope things go/went smoothly.

Merry Christmas, Joyce!


fancy dress costumes said...

must be very exciting. nice

Jenni said...

Happy New Year, Joyce! I gave away all my "excess" (is it possible to have too many?) bags over Christmas to their delighted new owners. So now I'm left with the delicious zipper-tree bag, and my original. Best wishes for 2011, and thank you for using your talents to make a difference in such a tangible, creative way!

joyce said...

yes, thinking about marie et al a great deal these days. By facebook accounts, all is well.

happy to hear, Jenni. Now, tell me. How do I become inspired to CREATE ONCE AGAIN???!!