Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another set of Ten

When the masses bellowed "MORE MORE MORE BAGS!"; (ok, one commenter, but don't get so picky...) I took my old self down to the basement, and whaddya know! I found ten more bags.

Same basic concept as round one. These are very simple- unlined, unpocketed, sturdy, durable tote bags. These things could get certain bookworms that I know out of the library without any embarrassing book spills.

So, basically, I'll accept any offer on bags 1 through 10, with a bottom line of $10.00. Shipping to most places is $10.00, but may be slightly less if I can jam it into a smaller shipping envelope. (Canada Post should be ashamed of themselves. How come other countries don't have to put up with these expensive shipping costs?!)

I'm more than a little encouraged that the last ten bags brought in over $200.00! Thank you all so very much.

#1 is sold! to perrygirl for $20.00

#2 sold! to Lorraine

#3 sheentya oba shveerich for $25-

#4 sheentya noch amma shveerich for $25-

#5 sold! to Pauline for $20.00

#6 sold to Melanie for $20-

#7 sheentya shveerich for $25-

#8: judi for $15-

#9 : sold! to Heidi for $20.00



Heidi said...

Ohhhhh....I love all the blue! I'll take #9...if you could please send it with Jenni too:) I'll send another $20 for that one.

perrygirl :) said...

I think number 1 has my number... your number is 20! Lovely bags, great idea going to shopping bags. Who can't use one of those?!

Anonymous said...

I would like #5 for $20 please. You don't need to ship it, i can pick it up, since I live in the same town as you!! Could you send me your email address and we arrange a time for me to pick it up.


Sheentya said...

I would love # 3,4 & 7 for $75.oo please!

Anonymous said...

Could I please purchase #8 for $15.
Thank You

Jenni said...

I'm too late for number 7... dang!

Melanie said...

I'll take #6 for $20.

Sheentya said...

you're a gem Joycie Cakes!

joyce said...

hey, any of you who live in my area and want to arrange pick-up, you can e-mail me at

thank you all for your overwhelming support!