Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So. You Want Bags.

Sold out!
(I'll just be scurrying down to the basement now.....)

humph. Just try and get past ME first.
I've got sharp parts, and I don't appreciate being unceremoniously dumped from my bed.

But if you insist, I'll move for a minimum of ten dollars.
You should know that my human sewed up these (unlined) tote bags out of donated upholstery samples. They are very sturdy and durable, liable to exist for longer than I am. But I prefer not to dwell on such details.

Leave your name and the number of the bag that you desire in the comment box.
Any questions whatsoever can be sent to re-joyce@live.ca

Check out the donation total in the left hand column of the blog. You'll see that with recent donations, the total has surpassed 20K! Awesomely rewarding. Thanks, all.

#1:Karen snuck past the kitty! $20-

#2 "old friends" are some of the best friends! Thanks VB for $10-

#3 and Jodi snaps up number three!

#4 : sold to Karla! for $25-

#5 sold for $20- to Gaboury!

#6: sold to Karla for $25-!

#7 thanks, Jenni! $10-

#8; wendy pendy for $10!

#9: Robyn! $20-

#10: perrygirl rides away! $25-

And that's the ten.
Thanks for stopping by.


Karla said...

Hi Joycie!

#4 and #6 for $25.00 each please.

Do I win an extra prize because I'm first??


wendypendy said...

wendy pendy says 10 dollars for #8

Jenni said...

#7 for $10! I guess I should consider bringing myself and a cheque over to your house to pick up a couple more bags, heh...

Karen said...

Number one please, for $20.

perrygirl :) said...

There are so many lovely bags, especially #2 and #4, but #10 is the one I am after! But you knew that i'd be coming back for those horses, didn't you?
$25 coming your way... Thursday at 9:15 am?

joyce said...

funny. Karla- Kathy came over after work and snorffled through the bags and came up with two that she HAD TO HAVE. I checked the blog (I'm getting alittle better at that...) and guess which they were? #4 and #6.
No wonder I like both of you.
And don't worry, I kicked her out and saved the bags for you.

perrygirl- should I feel guilty for finding another piece of that horsey fabric? I confess I had visions of you finding it on time...

:) thanks, all.

Karla said...

I trumped Kathy!!! Early bird gets the worm after all!

I like Kathy's style, so I guess I picked right!

I'll mail a cheque and you keep those bags safe for me till I see you!

Karen said...

Woo hoo! I will send you a cheque. Tell me how much to add for shipping and where to send it.

Debbie said...

Hi ;
I would love number 5 for 20 dollars.
I will be paying paypal and just wondering about shipping. I will send you a personal message since I don`t know you.

perrygirl :) said...

Dear Joyce,
Do not feel guilt over knowing your audience. I hope that when you found that special piece of fabric, you let out a delightful squeal just like I did!

Anonymous said...

#2 for $10.

Jodi said...

I'll take #3 Joyce! My lovely sister took the one I really wanted, but this one is lovely too! Could you send it with Jenni, please? I'll mail you a check.