Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Still Here...

... and haven't forgotten my commitment to Darfur, my appreciation for you, my followers, and my love of all things vintage and woven.

At this moment and for several more to come, I am hosting a dear friend from Australia and her amazing daughter. They inspire me in so many ways.

So, although there is simply no time for blogging, I've found myself lost in buttons and design dreams once again.

I thank you for your constant support, and now for your patience.

xo joyce

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janice said...

As I was leaving Safeway with my groceries the handle broke off my 'Rustic Bakeries' cloth bag, and I thought 'I should be using Joyce's bags, the handles NEVER break off'.

Last week when my cousin from Edmonton came over and it happened to be her birthday, I had a beautiful bag that matches all her clothes to give her.

THANKS!! And we did some good for Darfur in the deal.