Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rik on the Rack (now sold)

If you asked me to explain my bizarre and persistent love affair with that squiggly trim from ?long ago.... I'd have to explore the warm and lovely feeling I always had when I snooped through the drawers of my mother's sewing cabinet. I'd find rik rak, trim, buttons, and all kinds of lovely things. And I've never stopped loving them.

It's one of the items I tend to search for in thrift shops and yard sales- never seeming to lose my joy in finding some more.

I also love finding wildly coloured geometric prints that make me think of happy, uninhibited home fashions of the past.

This bag4darfur is fully lined with a playful, reclaimed paisley piece of fabric. A twice-used linen forms two pockets on her interior.

Interested in a playful way to do a little something for Africa?

Name your price in the comment section below.


Chelsea said...

Hey Joyce!!
I would like to buy this bag for 30dollars if I can, I loooove it!
Sorry if you already sent the other bag...

joyce said...

excellent, thank you chelsea. I've not yet sent the first bag, and now will send both at one!