Saturday, September 3, 2011

E-Mail Love

Hi there!
I work at IKEA, Twin Cities

and a customer came in

with one of your bags

(she was planning a kitchen).

She had one that was wonderfully

vintage with bright colors

and was on the larger-size.

I know you're a busy lady

and I'm not in any rush

....and I know you don't take any orders,

but I really want to buy one

(I especially love the tied strap and flap messenger-style).

How can I find out when you post more bags?

Thank you for what you do--

what a wonderful


How indeed?

I commented to my husband this morning that i need a life coach. He suggested another cup of coffee...

So much I want to do, so challenging to manage the 24 hour day.

I love this project, I love the joy it's brought into my life.

If anyone hold the keys to the riddle which is

"How to effectively manage my time".....

send me your secrets!

And thanks for all the virtual love.


Anonymous said...

Love 'my' special Darfur bag, tie strap, flap over, messenger bag from early days... $100+, wish I could have managed hundreds more.
You deserve admiration, lots of admiration $30,000+ of admiration +++.
Maybe a 'special' thanksgiving
edition messenger bag could be coaxed out of the most giving girl in the west? Perhaps bids could start at $100 just for old times sake. Best of luck to all those bag fans out there, Darfur bags are a priceless treasure, made with art & soul! They mean so much to so many...feeding countless numbers. Anon

joyce said...

Thank you, sweetheart.
I do have a hot bernina down in my basement, and a pile of bags growing, although at a slower pace than I'd like.

I'm attending a craft venue in Brandon, MB in october.

It's a happy problem to have so many things to invest in- family, career, creativity....