Monday, November 21, 2011

More Where That Came From

I think I've mentioned before that I have quite an impressive collection of ancient ties at the moment. They are one of my most favorite weird mediums to work with. (can you call a necktie a "medium"?- and not in the "back from the dead" sense of the word?)

There were plenty of reasons to have fun making this messenger bag. Some time ago, an elderly lady in Winnipeg contacted me to ask whether I would like to have her friends sewing collection. That was easy to answer. In amongst the bits and bolts that she had collected were numerous dissected pairs of men's fortrel, plaid trousers. (ahhh, those were the days....)

I immediately imagined them paired up with bad neckties from the same era.

Those plaids are combined with some upholstery samples for added strength, and another piece of plaid suiting material. This bag should pretty much last a lifetime. That stuff never dies.

These pictures show the bag turned entirely inside out. My son's outgrown pants create pockets on one side, and another bit of plaid make pockets on the opposite.

I've been so pleased to see you've not all entirely forgotten bags 4 darfur, and you've been so patient and supportive in spite of all my online comings and goings. Also, a welcome to all my recent followers. It makes me so grateful to think that Sudan is not forgotten.

Bids on this bag begin at $35.00 Cdn. Remember that I ship to anywhere, and payment can be arranged through paypal, or by mailing a cheque, or by coming to my house- cash in hand. I've also met people in shopping malls and lobbeys, but I'll draw the line at long dark deserted alleyways.

This bag will remain available until Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 7:00 pm, cst.

Any questions? leave me a comment or send an e-mail to


gophercheeks said...

I'll bid $40.

I miss your post Joyce, been off Blogger for awhile.
Love your bags and your commitment to spreading the hope for people who,sadly, don't have a voice.

badBarbara said...

This is awesome! Love people like you

Melodie Ramos said...

Isn't fortrel great!

joyce said...

hi gopher- so nice to "see" a familiar "face"! (you too, Melodie...)

welcome mix- send me an e-mail to so that we can arrange payment and shipping.

thanks so much!

janice said...

All those fabrics look so familiar. I think Dad had a leisure suit in each of those fortrels.