Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rolled Oats

It seems I'm on a roll.

De-cluttering one day, I sold the old brown suitcase that held all my random white-ish linens and lace bits. Sorting through it, I tossed what was never going to work, and got busy on the bits that looked promising.

In the process, all sort of linen and delicate embroidery pieces were rediscovered and reincarnated.

When I work with these items I often wonder about the women who made them; the culture they were women in; the time and pride spent on creating such beautiful pieces of work.

I like to think that I've given them some greater purpose.

A second life.

A small part of a bigger picture.

It's especially fun to pair them up with something as humble and pedestrian as an old oatmeal sack. Which you and I can see holds exquisate (if ironic) beauty. (My mother might disagree...)

I used the scallop of some heavy stiching to double as a button closure for the oatmeal pocket.

A grand juxtaposition.

Here's out sack turned all inside out. The pockets are formed out of an ancient linen baby bed sheet that I "found" during our early married years. In our second apartment, it hung as a curtain.

Now it'll hold your personals.

Interested in this lovely item?I know its a bit weird to post a bag on a Friday, but thinking about Christmas roaring up at us, I wondered if people were wanting the oppurtunity to purchase any bags in time for gift giving. With that in mind, I'm offering a "buy it now" price of $50.00 Cdn. (ooooh! how very e-bay of you!!!) But we'll start with our regular bidding process, with a start of $20- Cdn.

Bids will close on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 7:00 pm cst.


Anonymous said...

I like this even better than the snowflake bag! I'll start with $25.
Kristy R

Mary KG said...

DEEEEEECKERT!! I wish I needed a bag. That is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I'll go $30.
Karen B.

joyce said...

hi Karen- it's yours for $30-
pls e-mail me at with your address!

Karen said...

This is what I get for having not checked your blog for a few days! Beautiful bag Joyce!