Sunday, January 1, 2012

Found on the Internet Today

Save Darfur The Farchana Manifesto: well worth the read.

I forget sometimes for periods of time why I'm doing this. The mess of daily living clouds my vision, and the stacks of fabric and mental folder of ideas make me sigh with frustration that I'm not tireless. I begin to think that it's a "has been".

How ridiculous. As if a current day Holocaust could stop existing because of my petty irritations and preoccupations.

And a quick google search indicates that the bags 4 darfur project is not forgotten, nor should be allowed to atrophy.

So, it is with some excitement, that I shyly suggest some changes coming to this blog. A newer, grander, broader vision? With a whole four days off stretching before me, I aim to take on some new ideas.

So, don't forget Darfur. And please continue to come back, awaiting some sort of change that may allow the project greater audience, and the continued ability to raise our voices for the silenced.
Because: "No one is free when others are oppressed".


Roo said...

i love these articles.
i love you.

janice said...

You rock, girl. I love it that you are getting press and it inspires you to revive bags4darfur. I am sure I will love you when I meet you. Maybe I love you from afar.

Fernweh said...

Hi, Joyce! We featured Bags4Darfur on our blog today. Thanks so much for doing what you do.

the fernweh team.