Monday, February 13, 2012

Pretty AND Tough (that one sold in twelve minutes!)

When the women of yesteryear gathered to embroider and crochet delicate little doilies, did they ever dream that their work would help to feed hungry people far away? would they be pleased, or appalled to see their handiwork stitched all together all willy nilly with a whole lot of other random goodness?

Since I can't ask them, I can only rely on my own imagination. And I've decided that there's no better use for carefully hoarded, beautiful, delicate hankies than this. Right here.

I ha

I have a particular fondness for that small crocheted flower. It used to be part of a much bigger, more overwhelming whole. But taken on its own, its just small and sweet.

Each of the repurposed linen doilies gracing the front of this bag also double as small pockets. Tiny ivory buttons add detail.

The last two photos in the series are of the bag's interior. A tablecloth and another decorative doily make up these pockets.

The bag may look feminine, but its less fragile than one might think. The exterior used to be a drapery panel. (her sisters still hang in my dining room.....)

Measurements: 17" across the top of the bag; 15" deep.

5 pockets in total.

velcro closure.

Interested in this bag? Buy it now for $40.00 or put in a bid starting at a min of $20.00. I'll leave this bag up for sale until Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 7:00 pm cst.


JaynEryn said...

I'll take it for $40!

joyce said...

12 minutes-- that makes me smile out loud!!

yay, sold!

JaynEryn said...

Is that a record? :)

joyce said...

Nope- one time I sold 15 bags in five minutes!