Thursday, February 9, 2012


I've made enough progress (not without pain) to bring you one simple tote bag. No, its not on Etsy, where I had hoped to be by now. But that's OKAY! Sometimes reality doesn't fall in line with the timeline of my best intentions.

Today's tote is fully lined, complete with interior and exterior pockets, and measures 17" across the top and 13" deep. The outside and straps are constructed out of upholstery samples, so is very durable.
For $20.00 Canadian, this bag can be yours. To ship costs approx $10.00 Cdn. If you would like to purchase today's tote bag, please leave me a comment, and indicate whether you would like to pay through paypa or send me a cheque. I will hold the bag for two weeks to await payment, after which time the bag will be resold.


Loren said...

I would like to purchase this beautiful bag. Please e-mail me at your convenience if you prefer paypal or cheque by mail, and I'll respond soon. You rock,


joyce said...

Ah, thank you so much, Loren.

Loren said...

A while ago I promised to send some fabrics, which I couldn't find but I suspect are lost in the crawlspace that eats boxes. I am inspired to renew my search - will send them soon.