Friday, June 15, 2012

The Kindness of (Near) Strangers


I needed to take care of a bag delivery. Although we drive into Winnipeg frequently for all manner of errands, this task was just not coming easily. I was fighting a cough; there was soccer four nights a week; a new baby in the family, a big birthday celebration, our daughter's high school grad to prep for, and the fair just barely behind me. (heaps of whatnot stacked about in the garage and house, awaiting a much needed clean-up)

And I was barely getting through my work days without collapsing on the couch during a 30 minute respite of "Strawberry Shortcake".

Yesterday, I was feeling like a particularly pallorous blob of snot and ear-ringy-ness with a dash of sorrow and really doubted making my proposed bag exchange appointment. But then I remembered that daughter #1 needed a bathing suit for her imminent camping trip, and daughter #2 needed biodegradable soap for her upcoming canoe trip.

A "drag yourself up by the eyelids" approach was going to be in order.

So, off we went in the rusty old caravan; daughter in the drivers seat so that I could properly disengage.

We met in a mall, just outside of McNally Robinson Book Store. Just walking through there made me feel a lot healthier. I'd been so absorbed in preschoolers and sewing machines for way too many consecutive weeks. And at the bag exchange, I got more than I'd bargained for.

Some bits and pieces of energy and enthusiasm. A bit of embroidered linen. A turquoise dress. A bit of embellished bridge table cloth. A funny tea towel (what does it mean? "tomato and......" cabbage? Hot cowgirl sitting on a fence?)

A handmade zippered pouch holding gifts of sewing needles (!yay!) and a clever notebook made by Prairie Peasant. (

And my absolute, absolute favorite. A slice of disassembled, vintage clothing, "complete" with covered buttons and an adorable little pocket.

I felt momentarily well.

Thank you, Brenda, that was really kind.


I couldn't leave McNally without drooling over books (I think my new approach to mental health will include more trips to book stores), and I didn't leave before purchasing Romeo Dallaire's "They Fight Like Soldiers They Die Like Children".

Then, on the hunt for sparkly grad shoes for daughter A; I might have found a pair of mocassin style booties ON SALE, and threatened A to compile a wildly gypsy style dress for her grad social.

I know I shouldn't feel better for shopping and acquiring more material goods.... but....

I did!

And I hope it will help to stimulate my energetic bones to glom myself back down at the sewing machine. This time fashioning morrocan style pillows for 2012 grad social. Just a week and a half away.



Brenda said...

You're very welcome, but I don't think I'm all that strange, or nearly strange! let's do a meet up over sewing machines soon.

Sydney said...

oh, gosh. i would totally wear moccasins and a gypsy outfit to a social. haha i love the eccentricity of it :P