Monday, August 6, 2012

Signs and wonders

The more astute readers had surmised this. Months ago.

Perhaps it was the lack of posts; the monetary stagnation; the absence of merchandise for purchase.

Yet in her heart, she soldiered on. As though any moment now, she would stop meaning to follow through on her Etsy shop. She would move from the cerebral state of thinking about the shop, with it's ease of PayPal and shipping info, all those lovely photos and choices. She would push past her dream state and get down to brass tacks, as they say.

It was a lovely place to delude myself into believing that I hadn't reached some sort of stalemate.

I've enjoyed my stay here very much.



Any day now, you'll come to this site and be delighted to find that I have indeed re-opened in the form of Etsy shopping. Until then, I've at least managed to hang these two signs, just in case you'd been left to wonder.

It takes the slightest bit of guilt off my lazy, summer beached self.


janice said...

No problem.

joyce said...

Oh but of course I am taking care of the serendipitous sales from the prior post! I only mean to make excuses for not setting up proper merchandising blog posts.