Sunday, November 3, 2013


I'm not quite sure how to say this.

Not that I'm worried how you'll hear it, but because it sounds strange to my own ear, and although I'm going to say it, and I intend to say it-- I've been putting off saying it.

It's time to pack 'er in.


It's time to go fallow, go on furlough, let it all go.

I suspect that something will come of doing just that, but that's not exactly the point.

It's been unbelievable, purposeful, rewarding, fun, inspiring, exhausting, energizing, rich and unforgettable.

And I'm curious to see what I'll be drawn to when I let it all go.

Thanks for coming along.

If you're still curious about bags, I have a beat up suitcase full of them. They may land up at the Niverville Slice of Life restaurant for the Christmas season. I'll try to remember to record that here if that's indeed what happens. Or just contact me through the comments if I get distracted, or you want to see them now.

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying doing a little sewing with all the time in the world. And no apparent end result- just playing.

XO. Peace to you.


PrairiePeasant said...

Joyce you have been an amazing inspiration to so many through your generosity and creativity. I hope you feel renewed and re-energized soon so you can follow where the spirit leads.

Brenda said...

good to take a break, even it its permanent, lol. but what will you do with your garage full of lovelies?

joyce said...

Thank you, kind friends.
Brenda, it will wait. I'm not likely to ever quit sewing, but my creative spirit needs a chance to rebirth!

Lets do another sewing day. In the doldrums of winter, ok?

Anonymous said...

A proud owner of one of your bags says THANKS for all that you've done. The Naked Chef

Unknown said...

I have had had a newspaper clipping of your story on my bulletin board for a few years now. As I continue my seemingly lengthy journey of finding myself after the breakup of my marriage, it is stories like yours that have inspired me and given me hope for my future and my place in the world. Thank you also for being human and taking a break! All the best to you in the path ahead of you and thank you for being an inspiring woman and human being!

joyce said...

Beverlee- wow- thanks for that comment. It is humbling, really. I wish you joy in your journey, thanks for being honest here. Peace to you.

janice said...

Wow. I had no idea how you ever found the time, and you certainly deserve a break.

I am the proud owner of 472 of your bags, or so.

You are truly an inspiration. A fine example of a 'good Mennonite woman' like my mother (and my boyfriend - I think I have managed to convince him it is a compliment when I tell him that.)