Sunday, March 9, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a bag?

You enter the website most times Monday through Friday and look at the picture of "the bag of the day". You decide whether you love it, like it, or merely tolerate it. If you fall within the "love it" category, you click the word "comments" that you'll see beneath the published post.
In the square available for your comment, leave a numerical figure indicating what you are willing to pay. You can return throughout the day to see if your bid is holding, and then re-bid if you so desire. If you have a blogger account (easy to set up), you know how to identify yourself. If not, simply choose anonymous.

Do you take orders?

Nope. I just don't have the time. I like having the artistic freedom to do exactly what I please with whatever colours and patterns fit my mood on any given day. If you want to befriend one of my daughters, I'll likely make you a bag for your birthday, but as it is, I'd swear their friends have around four annual birthdays each...... Hope they stop making friends.

Can I donate fabric to the project?

Absolutely. If you'll indulge me, I'll tell you what I like.
I do have an extraordinary amount of fabric, and if donations are received, it may be some time before you see your Aunt Hilda's underpants show up as a pocket on the inside of a messenger bag. It's also possible that Aunt Hilda's penny pants will land up being re-gifted ito the local thrift and gift f the possibility of creative redemption seems slim.
All I ask is for grace and permission to treat the fabrics as my own after the items have been donated into my chaos. That way if my daughter uses a scrap to make a skirt for her build-a-bear, I won't suffer paranoia of legal prosecution.

How long do you think you can carry on with this project?

I don't know. But I'll tell you what I do know.
It's a "God thing". I'm passionate about the concept of loving my neighbour, and with the internet, our world has grown increasingly small. There is no one who cannot be considered a neighbour. It is not enough to watch the news, shake our heads, and return to our rack of lamb and mocha chocolate cheesecake. (mmmm.... mocha)
Besides, I'm obsessed with sewing and fabric. There is no force strong enough to keep me away. So, while the actual item may change in time, and the method may change, and who knows what else may change... I have no desire to stop sewing for the people of Darfur. Or any other ravaged people group, for that matter.

How do I get my bag?

I send them through Canada Post, in an express envelope. That means it gets to you in about three business days. Sending things east of here (from Manitoba, Canada) costs $20.oo, but I charge $15.00 because I think that's stupid. Sending things west of here costs $10.00. what's with that? Does travelling east warrant double postage? I think not.
I have also shipped to other continents. I believe that I used a package type of mail service, and that it cost less than $20.00. weird, eh?

Are the fibers hypoallergenic, hygenic, organic, impermeable, and immortal?

uh.... they're recycled. Which means they've been laundered (maybe) unless they are upholstery samples that have obviously been stapled into a book for years on end. Aunt Hilda? Yup, her stuff has been laundered. Do I know the fiber content, or from whence it was made?
Nope. That's part of the fun.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You're really inspiring! Good on you, keep it up! Lots of love from one of the Kehlers friends in Rome Italy. Maybe I'll get a bag for Christmas :)xx

Anonymous said...

Would love to send some fabric, all my mom's unfinished project fabric (vintage or just old?) and my father in law's very old tie collection if you want it. He was house band leader at the Banff Springs for many years and band leader in wwII for Canadian Navy, and quite a character; his ties have very good karma. Will send on my dime, and no pressure - chuck what you can't use. Please send your address to and I'll send fabric. I propcrastinate - it won't arrive immediately!


Anonymous said...

About the paying were saying you can buy bags even if you don't have an account on here?

joyce said...

you sure can- by simply sending me an e-mail when you land a bag we then arrange how to proceed with shipping and payment. I accept cheques and paypal.